Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 96

On our way to do service

So Hamar is close to Lillehammer - in fact it's in our district and our area is humongous. Maybe we'll even be able to go there on a pday, but just as soon as we thought the weather should be fine, it snowed. Unbelievable, but got to love it. We'll see if the shoes make it. I can hear mom's voice right now which whispers "boots, boots." Don't worry yourselves, I'll make it through. 

Yesterday we went to stake conference in Oslo, so I haven't been to church in Hamar yet but it is a great branch - the members seem nice and it's fun to be back in a branch. The members are spread out and most have to come from a good distance to get to the building. There are some youth who we play soccer with. Most around here speak english really well, but most just speak Norwegian. It helps when you speak Norwegian well so they don't question whether you speak the language or not.

I'm reflecting, working and looking forward all in one. I admit, it's hard not to think about home but I"m not really longing for it, more just getting ready if that makes sense. 

This week was good. We visited some people and were able to do some service - we get to go down to Romerike for district meeting because they are in our district and we are kind of alone up here so it's always good to be surrounded by other missionaries.

It was kind of a hectic week trying to get down to Hamar with my suitcases - just had to superman it, but other than that things are peachy :)

Have an awesome week!

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