Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 94

Elder Bleggi and I in the pouring rain
Raining why still sunny, who knows?

We were in Ålesund on Thursday and it is basically Bergen so it rains all day everyday since Adam was created. We contacted and contacted and tried to find some interested people on the streets while just getting soaked through and through. And on the last guy, when you are ready to go in and time is up, you always end up finding someone and that's what happened! So we talked with this one kid for about 20 minutes in the pouring rain. That was good and an awesome "splits"! We are actually taking another plane on Wednesday to go visit our dear friends in Bodø (boo-duh) on splits. Always jetting off to some other place. Seriously feeling like a champ when it comes to traveling. Can I put it on the resume? 

I was talking with my comp and realized how sad it is that one day we will leave Norway and not be here so I am for sure making the best out of my time left that I have. 

We also have some people we are going to try to meet up with this week to get some new investigators. But, it gets pretty slow around here because of Easter week. Everyone goes to their cabins and doesn't come back until next Monday which is frustrating, but it's a good opportunity to get Norwegians to come to church since they go two times a year - on Christmas and Easter and what better church to attend on Easter! So that will be our week.

I kind of got sick, which is a bummer and it hasn't stopped raining and kind of cold and supposed to snow tomorrow, but one day I will totally miss it. 

Well, hope you all have an awesome week!!

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