Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 93

Plant life

City life

So this week was pretty hectic. We had zone conference and splits which meant that people had to come in the day before and then didn't leave until the day after. It really makes for craziness which we have to account for and getting everyone to and from, but it turned out well. I think it went well. I guess you would have to ask someone who was in attendance - ha ha.

We will be traveling this week to Ă…lesund (oh-le-soond) on Wednesday to Friday and the assistants to the president are coming from Oslo tonight so it will be another really busy week. I imagine only busy weeks from now on. 

We watched most of General Conference but still have to watch the Sunday afternoon's. I liked Elder Bednar's talk in reference to being a full time missionary about it being the willingness to serve not the place you get called to, necessarily. Although - shout out to Chad Ames and his call to Cancun - pretty dope and what a dream!

It will be fun to speak some Swedish with President Davis when I complete my mission - a lot of times the Swedes can't understand Norwegians but the Norwegians can always understand the Swedes. It's like the master key of Scandinavian languages :)

We actually are giving another tour of the church to some high schoolers in a few minutes so that should be fun and so that's all from me for today :) Have an awesome week!


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