Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 96

On our way to do service

So Hamar is close to Lillehammer - in fact it's in our district and our area is humongous. Maybe we'll even be able to go there on a pday, but just as soon as we thought the weather should be fine, it snowed. Unbelievable, but got to love it. We'll see if the shoes make it. I can hear mom's voice right now which whispers "boots, boots." Don't worry yourselves, I'll make it through. 

Yesterday we went to stake conference in Oslo, so I haven't been to church in Hamar yet but it is a great branch - the members seem nice and it's fun to be back in a branch. The members are spread out and most have to come from a good distance to get to the building. There are some youth who we play soccer with. Most around here speak english really well, but most just speak Norwegian. It helps when you speak Norwegian well so they don't question whether you speak the language or not.

I'm reflecting, working and looking forward all in one. I admit, it's hard not to think about home but I"m not really longing for it, more just getting ready if that makes sense. 

This week was good. We visited some people and were able to do some service - we get to go down to Romerike for district meeting because they are in our district and we are kind of alone up here so it's always good to be surrounded by other missionaries.

It was kind of a hectic week trying to get down to Hamar with my suitcases - just had to superman it, but other than that things are peachy :)

Have an awesome week!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 95 (moves)

Snowy P-day hike
Zone conference

So just when you'd think I wouldn't get moved, here we go! Yep, I'm packing for the last transfer and on Wednesday I will be heading over to Hamar. Really the only area that I can't see the ocean.

This week was pretty good actually, despite how slow it is for Easter and stuff. Monday was a downpour (as shown in our hike). We went up and then towards the top it turned into snow which is a...pleasant...surprise. We were freezing. And then Tuesday we had a little competition with one of the areas in our zone to pump them up. And of course you have to risk something, risk it to get the biscuit :) So we bet a kilo of candy against them and had an awesome day and found some new potential investigators which is sweet. So Elder Hadley, who is replacing me, will have some people to work with. You always have to be grateful for other people's efforts too! :)

We didn't end up making it to Bodø because of some sickness, but we had some good finding here and we are ready for the next adventure. So on to the next area - should be good though, I'm willing to do whatever is asked. If you had asked me two years ago, I would have given you a selfish answer. Life is great and I can't really be bothered right now! Weird how good you feel sometimes after just doing what you're supposed to do (missionary lessons I guess.) 

So on to my next adventure.

Yes, Finishers Wanted!!!

Love, J

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 94

Elder Bleggi and I in the pouring rain
Raining why still sunny, who knows?

We were in Ålesund on Thursday and it is basically Bergen so it rains all day everyday since Adam was created. We contacted and contacted and tried to find some interested people on the streets while just getting soaked through and through. And on the last guy, when you are ready to go in and time is up, you always end up finding someone and that's what happened! So we talked with this one kid for about 20 minutes in the pouring rain. That was good and an awesome "splits"! We are actually taking another plane on Wednesday to go visit our dear friends in Bodø (boo-duh) on splits. Always jetting off to some other place. Seriously feeling like a champ when it comes to traveling. Can I put it on the resume? 

I was talking with my comp and realized how sad it is that one day we will leave Norway and not be here so I am for sure making the best out of my time left that I have. 

We also have some people we are going to try to meet up with this week to get some new investigators. But, it gets pretty slow around here because of Easter week. Everyone goes to their cabins and doesn't come back until next Monday which is frustrating, but it's a good opportunity to get Norwegians to come to church since they go two times a year - on Christmas and Easter and what better church to attend on Easter! So that will be our week.

I kind of got sick, which is a bummer and it hasn't stopped raining and kind of cold and supposed to snow tomorrow, but one day I will totally miss it. 

Well, hope you all have an awesome week!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 93

Plant life

City life

So this week was pretty hectic. We had zone conference and splits which meant that people had to come in the day before and then didn't leave until the day after. It really makes for craziness which we have to account for and getting everyone to and from, but it turned out well. I think it went well. I guess you would have to ask someone who was in attendance - ha ha.

We will be traveling this week to Ålesund (oh-le-soond) on Wednesday to Friday and the assistants to the president are coming from Oslo tonight so it will be another really busy week. I imagine only busy weeks from now on. 

We watched most of General Conference but still have to watch the Sunday afternoon's. I liked Elder Bednar's talk in reference to being a full time missionary about it being the willingness to serve not the place you get called to, necessarily. Although - shout out to Chad Ames and his call to Cancun - pretty dope and what a dream!

It will be fun to speak some Swedish with President Davis when I complete my mission - a lot of times the Swedes can't understand Norwegians but the Norwegians can always understand the Swedes. It's like the master key of Scandinavian languages :)

We actually are giving another tour of the church to some high schoolers in a few minutes so that should be fun and so that's all from me for today :) Have an awesome week!