Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 92

Me and my plant. My plant and I. 

Now that our missionary schedule got changed, we are using a whole hour to work out and I am using every second of it - helps to get out of bed in the morning because with the time change the light in the morning is kind of lacking. But...super nice with the light at night. It's not dark at 2pm anymore which helps a ton with motivation. Now we are just waiting for the snow to stop. We had a huge blizzard at the beginning of the week - I know, it's the end of March and it snows - though it is kind of warm which I am grateful for - it's all about the little wins. 

This week was pretty good. Pretty busy. It seems like we are always running around to do something or other. We have a lot of prep for this week's zone leader training. We have to fly two more times before the end of the transfer - crazy. We have done a lot of prep for the ZLT and I will tell you more about it when it actually gets done.

Elder Wandtke and I are doing well, we did have a fun mishap where we were late for our plane back from Oslo which we had to pay the consequences and pay for it ourselves. Whoohoo. Now I know why we are supposed to leave with good time for the airport. Wow, what a very...pricey experience.

The best thing about Trondheim is the demographic of the people in the city. There are a lot of young students who are all over the place. The toughest thing about Trondheim is the demographic of the people in the city - ha ha. Because there are a lot of students there are a lot of people who "know everything" - I have had some pretty good conversations with people on the street about scientific evidence and how when God shows up - that's when they will believe. That kind of stuff - but that's the fun part of being in Norway :)

Hope you all have an awesome week!

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