Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 89

"Picolas Cage" - ha ha

So this week we had an area conference of Northern Europe which was pretty cool. It was a broadcast from Salt Lake and there was a cool talk by Elder Ballard about going way hard and about avoiding anti things and that kind of stuff. So good. We will have our fast and testimony meeting next Sunday.

Tromsø is getting a new senior couple - so including this new couple arriving I will have met 3 different senior couples that have served there. That's when it makes me feel like I've been here a long time :)

This week was good. We had the missionaries from Ã…lesund come to Trondheim for splits. We found a lot of people to call and meet up with. When we have missionaries come here we usually try to have appointments, but a lot of times we just go out finding people which is great because it means double manpower in the city to hopefully find some potential investigators. 

It's Elder Nelson's last week here, which is weird. I most likely won't be moving but I won't know until next Monday. Hope all is well on the western front :) (The biggest killer of winter is the fact that the sun doesn't feel warm at all. It's high in the sky but still -7.)


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