Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 87 Live from Alta

From our hike last week
Me and Elder Nelson

Right now I'm writing this from Alta. We woke up pretty early this morning and got on our train and then took two planes to get over to the great white north. It's pretty good right now. Mom would have pooped her pants because first off the landing into Tromsø for our layover, was super sketch and to make it even more fun - we took the plane to Alta in a nice little bush propeller plane in the middle of a giant snow storm. Wow, life is exciting - so still a lot of traveling but I love it!

I wish I could write more today but really I don't have much time. Our goals are getting investigators and people in church. Something that is a little different is the distance and keeping unity even though so many are isolated and alone in whatever city they are in. So we have been focused on unifying the zone through Skype and stuff. It should be good because we will going to district meeting tomorrow in Alta and that should be fun to have four of us there and the rest on Skype. 

Things are all good and well and rolling on smoothly. It gets faster and faster every week - even though some days are longer than others :)

Have an awesome week!

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