Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 85

So this week was actually pretty hectic. Monday and Tuesday was packing all day and saying goodbye to everyone. Then Wednesday I took a train, then a plane, then a train to finally arrive in Trondheim. On Thursday we got some missionary work done, but had to take another train and plane back down to Oslo for a meeting followed by a train to get to Sentrum. Yep, 5 trains and 2 planes in two days! Friday we had our meeting, and afterwards took another train to the airport, a plane back to Trondheim and then a train into the city. For a grand total of 7 trains and 3 planes in three days. Wow - so accomplished especially with a Scandinavian airlines silver card.

The cities in the north in our zone are Ålesund, Trondheim, Bodø, Jarvik, Mo i Rana, Tromsø and Alta. This transfer we will be going to Alta and Ålesund, and Narvik will be coming here. And then flip flopped. If I'm lucky the district leader will be in Tromsø so I can go back to my old stomping grounds. We have splits about every week this transfer. There's only one ward in the zone and the rest are branches.

Trondheim is great. There are a lot of people on the streets and stuff, and great to see people to talk to. We've already had a ton of great conversations and have some good appointments lined up for this week already.

The ward is great, it's super cozy and everyone is really nice. My companion is awesome and since we have been on lots of splits together in the past, it's almost like this is our second transfer together. We have six missionaries in the ward - it's going to be great.

Have a great week!!!

Saying goodbye in Drammen

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