Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 88

Up in Alta

This week was good! We went up to Alta, went up Monday morning and we were traveling from 7am to around 3pm in Alta. It was lots of fun, barely got some emails sent out but good thing I don't have too many people to write ;) We had an awesome time and it was pretty cold, but the missionaries up there are studs and are working really hard. They have a new missionary with them, so it's kind of cool to see him adapt especially so far up north. Then we got home on Wednesday afternoon - so it was a lot of traveling. We actually had to switch our day to Saturday so we could go to a place called Røros. It's out in the middle of nowhere and has a winter festival.

Zone conference were the week before, it really is nice in the north because we are so spread out but we get to see each other often and catch up.

This week should be good, we have Ålesund coming in on splits so we are done traveling for the transfer, at least. They are another of couple of studs and so we are looking forward to seeing them. Other than that we have some investigators to get in touch with.

I'm learning a lot even though it does seem like I've been here for a while. Some days are longer than others, but really enjoying it and feel like I'm growing. We also looked at some photos from the early blog from Sister Hill and man have we changed! We looked like children. I thought I was so grown and mature at 19, but man did I have a long way to go. I guess that's probably the same now and will continue to be for the rest of my life.

Anyway, have a great week!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 87 Live from Alta

From our hike last week
Me and Elder Nelson

Right now I'm writing this from Alta. We woke up pretty early this morning and got on our train and then took two planes to get over to the great white north. It's pretty good right now. Mom would have pooped her pants because first off the landing into Tromsø for our layover, was super sketch and to make it even more fun - we took the plane to Alta in a nice little bush propeller plane in the middle of a giant snow storm. Wow, life is exciting - so still a lot of traveling but I love it!

I wish I could write more today but really I don't have much time. Our goals are getting investigators and people in church. Something that is a little different is the distance and keeping unity even though so many are isolated and alone in whatever city they are in. So we have been focused on unifying the zone through Skype and stuff. It should be good because we will going to district meeting tomorrow in Alta and that should be fun to have four of us there and the rest on Skype. 

Things are all good and well and rolling on smoothly. It gets faster and faster every week - even though some days are longer than others :)

Have an awesome week!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 86

So our zone is literally from Ålesund to the top of Norway but those areas really only cover the cities. If we ever go on splits to any of those places or if they ever come to us then it has to be by plane, otherwise it would take an eternity and some of the places aren't even accessible by train. For example, next week we go to Alta and it will be a 6 hour trip including a layover in Oslo, so pretty interesting. We are teaching one man, but besides that lots of finding. Which is awesome because Elder Nelson and I get along really well and we are always laughing which makes it easy to talk to people.

The days are fine now, pretty light when we are out and the sun sets around 4:15pm, but just ok on the warmth - hopefully by March things jump up. It also helps being more north because then we have a lot more light in the summer than in the east or the south.

This week was pretty full...just really bad about giving you details...sorry.

Last Monday was awesome, though. There is a huge Sami festival in Trondheim going on and we were just walking around and I heard someone speaking Bergensk (dialect of someone that lives in Bergen, Norway) in the town square and because I have heard political talks in Norwegian to help with the language, I recognized the voice. It was the Prime Minister of Norway! Erna Solberg! Way cool. Then we decided to go to the special Sami mass that was happening at the giant Cathedral. It was super cool and we were singing Sami songs and we saw the King of Norway! We stood up and were like "oh, hey, there's the king". The mass was awesome with a lot of traditions and at the end all the dignitaries were walking out and we were standing waiting to go out, then Erna walked by again. Wow!

Where we live, it's an apartment building with another companionship - it's pretty big.

Something that wasn't so great - I packed a suitcase of stuff that I didn't need to take to Trondheim and I could leave in the mission home to save weight and space, so I gave it to the APs and they put it in their van. Then that day their van got broken into and my suitcase full of stuff was stolen! So that was kind of sad, they went to the police and filed a report but I don't think it will be found. Way lame, but life is unfair sometimes - BUT don't worry because I'm not down! Life is good and I'm smiling so you guys have an awesome week!!!


Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 85

So this week was actually pretty hectic. Monday and Tuesday was packing all day and saying goodbye to everyone. Then Wednesday I took a train, then a plane, then a train to finally arrive in Trondheim. On Thursday we got some missionary work done, but had to take another train and plane back down to Oslo for a meeting followed by a train to get to Sentrum. Yep, 5 trains and 2 planes in two days! Friday we had our meeting, and afterwards took another train to the airport, a plane back to Trondheim and then a train into the city. For a grand total of 7 trains and 3 planes in three days. Wow - so accomplished especially with a Scandinavian airlines silver card.

The cities in the north in our zone are Ålesund, Trondheim, Bodø, Jarvik, Mo i Rana, Tromsø and Alta. This transfer we will be going to Alta and Ålesund, and Narvik will be coming here. And then flip flopped. If I'm lucky the district leader will be in Tromsø so I can go back to my old stomping grounds. We have splits about every week this transfer. There's only one ward in the zone and the rest are branches.

Trondheim is great. There are a lot of people on the streets and stuff, and great to see people to talk to. We've already had a ton of great conversations and have some good appointments lined up for this week already.

The ward is great, it's super cozy and everyone is really nice. My companion is awesome and since we have been on lots of splits together in the past, it's almost like this is our second transfer together. We have six missionaries in the ward - it's going to be great.

Have a great week!!!

Saying goodbye in Drammen