Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 83

Zone Leader training
Perfecting the double chin

So we have about 20 missionaries in our zone, give or take. That's pretty much standard over the four zones in the mission. We have zone leader training every other transfer and on the other months there are zone conferences. We had a good zone leader training this last week - teaching about finding through service and members.

We had crazy weather where it rained and immediately touched the ground and froze. The busses were canceled and we had a member appointment, so unfortunately that had to be canceled. But afterwards, we had an appointment to teach an investigator and we had to walk from the church, talk about deceiving. No matter how many spikes people had on their boots, everyone was slipping and sliding everywhere!!! So we had an awesome time and were able to go skating without some blades :)

After slipping on the ice we were able to teach our investigator - which was good. We had another lesson with someone else and had an awesome Plan of Salvation lesson. We taught him all about it and we titled it Frelsesplanen (the saving plan) Lykkesplanen (the plan of happiness) and then I also trademarked the title - Best Plan ever. It was awesome.

Not too much travel this week, but will most likely be transferred this week which is sad and then even more heart warming when people say they're going to miss me and stuff. I don't know exactly or even for sure that I'm transferring - but just a guess.

Just going through things and they are good, nothing much else to comment on - I am tired but good.

Make it a great week!!


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