Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 81

I think I might need glasses in 2017
So stoked flat Jackson made it on the family card and now actually in Norway

So it isn't too cold here but it's not warm, that's for sure. Can't complain, cannot complain. We did get some snow, though, which is sometimes the worst because right now it will just probably be ice after it melts a little and then gets colder on the weekend. The deathly Norwegian iceeeeee. 

Sometimes when we teach discussions to members or youth we have them try to teach the lessons back to the missionaries - that's when it really matters and you always learn more when you teach. It's been totally awesome.

This week was pretty good. We got to teach a little - which is always good. We also went to President's for the day after New Year's and it was awesome to see everyone from around the fjord. Super good to socialize with them.

This week should be stacked with appointments and meeting with people and going out with the youth. Nice to be back in almost full swing and get things rolling. Time goes slow when nothing happens, even though it really has been lightning fast recently.

Have a great week!

Me and Mickelson

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