Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 84

So I just found out while writing this that I will be moving to Trondheim. Wow, this will just about complete my tour of Norway. Should be exciting. I will be with Elder Nelson who I was with earlier while I was in Drammen and he was in another city. He's a great guy and I'm excited for it. I will be able to travel around the north zone while I am there. 

Crazy stuff this week - mostly because I rolled my ankle when I took a step in the wrong direction. I heard a bad pop and knew it wasn't going to be the most fun thing. Then it just didn't really move. I look down and it looked like a good old baseball. It hurt pretty bad and I couldn't really move. I got an Xray, not broken, so that's good. Might be sprained, could be torn but I don't think so, it does feel better each day. 

It was really hard to say goodbye to people yesterday. I truly felt like I have fallen into my niche here, it feels like home. It was especially hard because at church I didn't know for sure if I was moving, but still hard regardless. I'm excited to keep going, though. 

I hope you all have an awesome week!
Love, J

Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 83

Zone Leader training
Perfecting the double chin

So we have about 20 missionaries in our zone, give or take. That's pretty much standard over the four zones in the mission. We have zone leader training every other transfer and on the other months there are zone conferences. We had a good zone leader training this last week - teaching about finding through service and members.

We had crazy weather where it rained and immediately touched the ground and froze. The busses were canceled and we had a member appointment, so unfortunately that had to be canceled. But afterwards, we had an appointment to teach an investigator and we had to walk from the church, talk about deceiving. No matter how many spikes people had on their boots, everyone was slipping and sliding everywhere!!! So we had an awesome time and were able to go skating without some blades :)

After slipping on the ice we were able to teach our investigator - which was good. We had another lesson with someone else and had an awesome Plan of Salvation lesson. We taught him all about it and we titled it Frelsesplanen (the saving plan) Lykkesplanen (the plan of happiness) and then I also trademarked the title - Best Plan ever. It was awesome.

Not too much travel this week, but will most likely be transferred this week which is sad and then even more heart warming when people say they're going to miss me and stuff. I don't know exactly or even for sure that I'm transferring - but just a guess.

Just going through things and they are good, nothing much else to comment on - I am tired but good.

Make it a great week!!


Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 82

Dead after a long day

Things have been going great here, we actually had one of our investigators at church yesterday!!! We weren't sure if he was going to come, but after at the end of sacrament we turned around and saw him with a member! Turns out he knows lots of people in the ward, so it was an awesome experience and we will be teaching again this week.

Our zone does not have activities together on p-days like in some missions, because we are so far away from each other. I think I've had the zone together on a p-day once in my whole mission. 

We got together with Sandvika, Oslo and our district at the president's for some fun New Year's games.

Have a great week! 

Pick up the cereal box without putting hands & knees on floor game

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 81

I think I might need glasses in 2017
So stoked flat Jackson made it on the family card and now actually in Norway

So it isn't too cold here but it's not warm, that's for sure. Can't complain, cannot complain. We did get some snow, though, which is sometimes the worst because right now it will just probably be ice after it melts a little and then gets colder on the weekend. The deathly Norwegian iceeeeee. 

Sometimes when we teach discussions to members or youth we have them try to teach the lessons back to the missionaries - that's when it really matters and you always learn more when you teach. It's been totally awesome.

This week was pretty good. We got to teach a little - which is always good. We also went to President's for the day after New Year's and it was awesome to see everyone from around the fjord. Super good to socialize with them.

This week should be stacked with appointments and meeting with people and going out with the youth. Nice to be back in almost full swing and get things rolling. Time goes slow when nothing happens, even though it really has been lightning fast recently.

Have a great week!

Me and Mickelson

Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 80

I am trying to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of January, but I don't know how well it's going. Often I fall asleep because I'm so tired but I am going for it. Then I am going for the Doctrine and Covenants challenge - read a section everyday before you go home. It should also help me because I have to take it as a class in the fall. Two birds, one book.

We had a cleaning day here in the mission and so we were able to get down to the nitty gritty. Wow, I just love throwing things away so much, it literally is the best feeling ever. 

So last week I heard from one of the district leaders that someone I taught and befriended in Bergen had gotten baptized!!! Yesterday she came to church in Drammen with her mom and it was just so awesome to see how happy she is. I feel very lucky I got to see the full circle. 

We have had a bunch of member visits this week and great times with them. Not too much teaching because of the holidays, but it was a good week. We actually had a great view from our apartment of the fireworks on New Years Eve. 

There are a bunch of holiday traditions and I would love to tell you all about them, but I don't have the patience or the typing skills to describe them all ;)

Have a great week! Keep on keeping on. God bedring papa (this is how you say get better in Norwegian - such a better way to say it!)