Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 76

So it's like way warm again and now it's kind of great because I'm sweating and stuff which is way better than freezing my toes off. So playing it by ear but things are good here.

The week was pretty good and busy. I wasn't in my area too  much so it looked like a weak week numbers wise, but good thing we aren't about numbers! I was on splits with other missionaries in the zone - some in Skien and in Sandvika this week. Happens around once a transfer and it is always good to see other missionaries you haven't seen in a while. This week will be hectic too with zone conference and more splits but we hope to teach our investigators. We were able to teach one on Saturday and we had a pretty good lesson about the plan of salvation. 

So I was at church on Sunday and a member came up to me and asked me if I had a grandpa who lived in England in the late 70's early 80's. I said no, but I did have a great-grandpa. He proceeded to tell me the story of my Great-grandpa Lorenzo Hoopes. So this person (he's actually an old companion of mine's uncle) was on a mission in Norway around that time and he was walking to church when he sees a man and a red-headed woman (his wife) get out of a VERY nice Mercedes-Benz. He got out and walked up to the two missionaries (one being this uncle) and asked them if there was an Andersen that was in the Oslo ward. They responded "yes" and Great-grandpa Lorenzo asked them to show him in to find Andersen because he had been a missionary for Lorenzo in England and he wanted to see him again. They go into the chapel and look for Andersen, but he happened to not be there that Sunday. So they stay for church with the missionaries. After Church, Lorenzo asks them if they had anything on their schedule and they said no. So he asked the missionaries if they would like to come with them to a house of a friend (who happened to be the ambassador at the time). So they drive their mission car with Grandpa following in his. They pull up to a house which my comp's uncle described as "a castle" and asked to speak to the ambassador through the intercom. The security guard said no and that he had strict orders not to let anyone in. They pleaded to no avail. After telling Lorenzo the situation, he went up to the intercom himself and said "Tell the ambassador that Lorenzo is here to see him and if you don't I will be very disappointed." The guard then proceeded to wake up the ambassador and they were let in. 

He was telling me this story with a gleam in his eye. So they go in and the ambassador gets them something to drink and Grandpa and the ambassador are talking while Grandma Stella and the two missionaries were talking. He could hear parts of the conversation between the ambassador and Great-grandpa Lorenzo and they were talking about how Grandpa Dave Hoopes was doing something for the president of the US and how Lorenzo and the ambassador really needed to talk to Reagan and get him going on what needed to be done. He said he was just on cloud nine after being in missionary work but now getting to listen about how two men whom he had just met were talking about consulting the President of the United States. It was just so awesome also to hear how Grandma Stella just chatted their ears off for hours and hours and how she felt her conversation with the boys (missionaries) about their families was so much more worth while. They then all had dinner together. 

It was fun to hear a family story I had never heard before from a third party. 

Other than all that - nothing to report on this week. I hope you all have an awesome week!!!!!


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