Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 75

This week has been pretty hectic traveling back and forth with thing to thing to splits to other people. Julitoner was on Saturday and that was an awesome way to kick off Christmas. I forgot how much I actually love Christmas here in Norway. It's just so special. I've realized it's because in the States a lot of people have traditions and stuff and like things they do but there are no set traditions. Whereas, here, there are things that everyone does and the whole country recognizes them. Way cool. The first day of advent was yesterday which means that Christmas has officially started.

We were back and forth in Oslo this week on splits and the Turkey bowl (see pics) and then this week we have new missionary training which means we will be taking another trip to Oslo tomorrow and Wednesday. Lots of back and forth but it is nice that I know the city pretty well and can navigate just fine. Oh what a beautiful city it is.

Christmas is in full swing but not too much we are in charge of just yet. We will have our Christmas conference next week so this week we are just busy doing normal missionary stuff. We have some appointments and some time to find, so good things should come to pass. Unfortunately our investigators did not come to the Christmas concert we had on Saturday.

One thing that was awesome this week tho!! We were talking with a guy on the street and it was really good and I felt really confident about it, but he wasn't interested. It was kind of sad, but the thing that was awesome was that when we were saying goodbye and he was shaking my hand he had this weird look on his face and was like "where in Norway are you from? Wait are you from Norway?" YESSSSS I finally did it! Someone got me confused for a Norwegian!! Even though its was maybe for just a brief second. Wow, it felt good. 

I missed everyone on Thanksgiving but we did have Thanksgiving with some Americans and it felt just a little more like home. Thankful for everything and everyone. Have an awesome week!


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