Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 72 (the real snow)

So I guess the real story and news for this week was the snow. Yes, so much right now and as I write this it is -10 C and the snow is becoming ice. I'm saying we got a meter of snow because that is how much it looks like and feels like. It's insane. So naturally as missionaries when you don't have cell phones to stare at when you're inside - you go outside. And for the first time I built a legit large snowman. And you know I love the quote "anything worth doing is worth overdoing" so we built a large snowman and I mean 8 feet tall.  Because of the down pour there wasn't too much to do when it came to knocking doors or talking to people on the street so instead we got the shovels and helped some people shoveling snow. Wow, that was a ton of snow. Like 5 hours worth of shoveling. The bad part in all of this is the road. The roads are not plowed really until the snow is done so it took like two  days, so unfortunately our winter tires couldn't take that and got shredded. Nothing dangerous, just annoying, so we don't have a car now.  Hopefully we can get it back soon in order to be rolling again instead of taking 2 hours to get everywhere. Never realize how much you appreciate it until it's gone, right?

We are taking the bus and walking in this is not always the most fun, but that's what being a missionary in Norway is sometimes about. The snow was awesome, though.

We actually have quite a few youth in our ward I would say probably around 20 that are between the ages of 12-18 which is awesome. That's just for the boys.

Well, that's it - all you in So Cal enjoy the winter and by winter I mean everyone pulling out their beanies, sweaters and scarves when it's only 55 F.

Ha det! (that means see ya in Norwegian, basically fluent)


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