Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 71

The teaching this week was a little bit slower because we had a missionary fireside that we had to plan for and stuff. It was how to missionary. So I wrote some scripts of first How to not missionary and then after that we had a rerun of how to missionary. I know how to missionary isn't correct grammar but that's how you say it in Norwegian so I'm going to go with that. So it was a success and people came, so now that it's over we can get back to it, but there was a super funny teaching experience this week.

So we had knocked on this lady's door earlier in the week and she said that we could come back the next day and talk to her a little bit more. So we thought "awesome, things are rocking and rolling" so we took another youth with us to go teach her. So we arrive at the door and her car is in the driveway and everything so we're thinking "perfect". We see in the window that she had made some Grandiosa and there was a half drunk cup of milk on the table and her dogs were running around (also found out that dogs are not my most favorite animal). So we knock and wait a few seconds and no answer. Maybe she isn't home. NO. She gets up from the couch goes into the kitchen, slices herself a little pizza and sits back not he couch and starts eating. She got up from the couch and saw us!!! Our youth was so confused and just kept knocking on the door but she was not going to get up. Ha ha, dang it so I gave up but it was seriously just so funny because we were all just like "seriously, purposeful ignorance" after being told to come back. Hahahahahahah. #life

We also were able to get back to our try back and teach a little bit, so we got some new investigators! We will see how interested this week, but still awesome to have more opportunities, right????

Well, hope you all have a great week! It was real busy with the fireside so no pics, but some from the Zone conference.


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