Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 69

Wow, almost week 70, time is flying. The transfer is flying by just like the last ones. I feel like once you get into the routine of something it all starts to just blend in. 

One of our investigators from tracting dropped us. That's ok, just how life goes but we do have some miracles from this week. 

A typical Sunday for us starts with waking up at 6:30am and lounging until about 7 because you don't work out on Sundays and then we all get ready for church. We study for an hour and finish getting ready and head to church. We drop off the elders and then go to pick up the sisters and get ready for our first meeting at 10am which is MMK. It's a ward mission meeting, not sure what it's called in english. After that meeting, we have church services, and we are running around talking to people seeing how people are doing, getting updates on their lives, if they need anything and if we can come over and share a spiritual thought with them. Sunday is Game Day. Then after that we have Sunday school which is taught by the missionaries every other week so I think it will be our turn in 2 weeks. Should be fun. After that we boys go to Priesthood which we tend to do to with the Priests (16-17 year olds). Church is over around 2pm and we mingle for a little and after usually go make some food or have an appointment with a member, do some planning and may hit the streets for an hour. Sunday is slow in Norway but we get practical things done and for planning. The ward (congregation) is about 200 active members which is huge. Sometimes we may give a talk if asked, just depends.

We usually carry a couple of Books of Mormon in Norwegian, and we have a pamphlet for the first three lessons and I always hand out cards. It has been the most successful for us so far. Usually if people won't take a card they aren't interested in hearing about the gospel, but we got to try!

This week was good. The kids here had school off the week before but on the west side of the country they had it this last week. 

We were knocking on doors and we had a youth with us that we picked up from school and decided to knock in the neighborhood by his school. He was kind of nervous to be close to his school, but it was good. We came to a house and knocked and asked if we could share a message with this lady and she said she really didn't understand, so we asked if english was better and she said, nah French. We all looked at each other and were like "uhhh" and then she ran upstairs and grabbed her husband and he spoke Norwegian and we asked if we could share a message and he said tomorrow. We went back the next day and she was just about to leave so we got another appointment for this week, so we will be going back and hopefully be able to teach her!

That same day we were out with the youth, we were out in that neighborhood and started knocking again and came to a house and we had been asking people where the nearest church was. Just a question to get a conversation going but it was working and a guy was giving us directions and then he was like "wait that isn't your church?" and we were like "yes, we know" and then he said "I've chatted with you guys before." So we naturally asked if we could chat now and he invited us in!! It was so great and we taught an awesome lesson with our youth, who was with us for his first time knocking doors with missionaries. It was an awesome experience and we will also be going back this week! Woohoo!!!!

We had a funny story when me and my comp were knocking doors and a lady answered and cut us off when started introducing ourselves, saying she couldn't believe what we do. She started telling us we were Jehovah Witnesses and we were the devil, and then we explained that we are Mormons, and she said that's worse! She kept saying stuff and we just asked if there was anything we could do for her and she cried telling us we were horrible. Well, there you go. 

All is well here, everyone have a great week!

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