Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 67

With my new comp

So this week was General Conference and as missionaries we are stoked because it is kind of a break. It was really nice actually and we got to go to the mission home to watch the Sunday morning session and Sister Hill made some great food. It was good to be in an actual "home" instead of just a place where you eat and sleep. Different feeling.

My new comp is from Utah. Things are good!!! He's getting used to things so I talk a lot! The language is going great. I'm actually still improving which is important. In this mission it is really hard to "master" the language because it is so diverse here and the fact that everyone speaks english. So it is easy for us to plateau, but I am determined not to stop. I gotta keep going, otherwise I won't have it mastered like the missionaries that go to South America and master Spanish. My dad knows what I mean. 

Our investigators are doing well. We were able to teach one this last week and it went well. It is going to take a little bit but things are good. Our other investigator we were not able to meet up just with how things worked out, so I believe this week we will be taking a trip back out and knocking on more doors and stop by to share a lesson. 

Joy is great. Joy comes from the way you choose to feel while doing things, rather than only having joy because of what you're doing. 

We haven't heard Sunday afternoon's conference session yet since we are 9 hours ahead but we will be watching that tomorrow so I will let you know what peaks my ears :)

We were busy this week with practical stuff but that's good nonetheless. 

That's about it, have a great week!


I always trip on these stairs so had to get a pic
Last moments before transfer

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