Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 66

So it is way humid here. If you exert any sort of energy or any warmth then we just get drenched. On average it's like 85% humidity which is way bad for the kids from the desert.

We are familiar here on the mission with the church's addiction recovery program. You all NEED to see the videos they have for each of the 12 steps. They are insane. The church really stepped up their game with these bad boys.

Sounds like President Uchtdorf shared the same story at the women's broadcast as he did when he was here in Norway about how the missionaries knocked on the last door of the last floor in an apartment in Germany which eventually led to his wife being baptized and how he met her when she started coming to church. What a great example those missionaries were, and kind of goes along with our miracles here this week :)

This week we found 2 investigators. First, we had been knocking doors for an hour or two and came to one guy's door and asked if he needed help with his lawn and he said it wasn't his house so that was okay. Then he asked us where we were from and we said America and as soon as he said that we promptly asked if we could come in and share a message and he was like "yeah, of course." It was the first house I had been let in in my whole mission!!! It was a great lesson and he was way interested and we will be going back again this week! The next one was awesome as well. We drove out to the middle of nowhere to find some houses that we had never knocked on before so we took an hour drive and found a place. We ate some lunch and then had 4 hours of knocking to go. We were doing random approaches with just anything. Whatever it takes to not say church until the time is right. Some people were nice...others were not...but then after about 2 hours we knocked on this one guy's house and we started talking about his motorcycle out front and then started playing with his dog, asked if we could come in and he promptly let us in. He young and way awesome. Two investigators in one week. After 15 months I finally did it! Well WE did it :) Great experience. Looking forward to teaching them this week. 

I am getting a brand new missionary this week! Sad that as soon as we find some people to teach Elder Cole has to leave. On the bright side, it should be great for the new missionary to teach some people right off the bat. 

Hope you all have a great week! I will be wearing the "slekt" tie which is the tie every trainer has picked up the previous trainer with. It's actually a norwegian bus driver tie. Don't know how the first elder got it, but he did ha ha.


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