Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 64

So President Uchtdorf (a leader in the church) came to Norway - Romerike. It was a huge meeting and was broadcast all over Norway because of the magnitude of the meeting. He did not get to meet with the missionaries, only those in Romerike but it was still good to see it in our own building. Some great thoughts from Uchtdorf - be proud of the gospel and to be proud to be a member of the church. It is not always easy especially in cultures like Norway (or even Southern California) but to stand proud. This is what you believe and who you are so stay true to it. I liked it a lot because I wasn't always one to go shouting from rooftops but since being on a mission I have realized it doesn't really matter what others think about this especially when it is such a big role in our life and does influence so much of who we are. I really liked his thoughts on that. He was just so much more relaxed than when I've heard him speak in conferences or things. You could tell he was thinking out loud and he wasn't reading a written talk. Way cool!!!

Things this week were pretty good. Pretty normal, no teaching but working a lot with the youth and staying busy with activities and stuff like that. It is nice to be able to work around not just knocking doors even though that is pretty fun for us. This week we had a great approach. Instead of coming straight out the gate when someone opened the door, we decided we were going to wait for them to say something instead. Which led to MANY MANY awkward situations of us just standing there smiling and confusing Norwegians looking at us. Some would ask us what we were doing but most of the time they would just be like "hello? hello? sorry I'm not interested." Many laughs, BUT also many good questions - stay tuned!!!

We switched PDays this week because we had a bunch of appointments on Monday. 

Have a great week!

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