Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Week 63

"Norwegian Propoganda" - ha ha just blank sheets of paper on a pole
Me and Elder Cole

I got a hair got - it's a little shorter than usual but that's okay because I decided to change it up. It is getting way blonde over here where it does I complain about the rain but it really isn't bad, just if you're a missionary.

So we share a car between the two companionships here and also have bus passes and also walk and do whatever we can to get around (except for swimming of course - ha ha). A good thing for those far away members but also the weight will sneak up on the underside of your chin if you're not too careful.

We got stuck in traffic for 35 minutes without moving. You would think in a city with barely any people that traffic wouldn't be a problem, but then also remember unlike America the country wasn't built with roads for a lot of traffic, so it's a little harder.

We don't really teach very much here, which is kind of hard and most members have jobs and lives and kids and stuff, so the beginnings of the days are usually slow, but we are doing our best to find.

Elder Cole and I have been doing pretty great work, even though it's a bit slow. We applying new (hilarious) techniques to try to get people to talk to us who usually wouldn't.

For example: When knocking doors we decided to do something great and when the door opens, I would say something along the lines of "I'm a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I'm here to share a book from heaven." Then Elder Cole would toss the Book of Mormon over to me and I catch it. It actually worked great and flawless aside from the fact that people said no anyways, but most of the time people have had a great look on their face and gave us credit. Still not interested. Stay tuned, this week we could be singing or something - you know, whatever gets the job done.

Have a great week and keep cool :)


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