Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 62

The sister missionaries were generous

So President Uchtdorf (apostle in the church) is coming in September which should be a way cool experience. It will be neat and I feel lucky that I will be close enough to get to go. I don't know if there will be a missionary section because he's going all over Europe, but still cool nonetheless. 

The cool part about Drammen is that it is a quiet little town with its people but everyone is so proud of their city. Just like in Bergen. Its weird but I like how everyone loves where they live. Virtually no one will say (or at least admit) that they don't like being in their city even if they aren't from here. Some things that are hard is that people really don't seem to like us. I mean that's Norway, but when the population is smaller, people really like telling you. I just laugh, though, and press on. But it really is awesome when you find the people who do like you or at least those that respect what you're doing. It's not every day that people do.

We usually fend for ourselves (me and my companion) but if we want to make a big dinner or get some good food going then we'll make something together with the other missionaries in our apartment. A lot of scrambling to make food. 

Well this week was pretty good and this next one doesn't look too bad. Nothing too special but you never know what happens! One year older and wiser too. Love you all and have a blessed week and don't let the birds poop on you :)

I do have stories, I just can't think or type fast enough. 


Our sign fell so we had to just stand and hold it up and a member got our picture

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