Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 61

The day the sun didn't shine

Woooooohjooooo Drammen baby. It is pretty great actually and the sun has been shining (except for Sunday). It is a little different because the population is significantly different than other cities I have been in so far, but the ward is humongous. It totally reminds me of a ward in the states. It's just an awesome ward.

My new companion is from Idaho. He's been out a few months, so he is pretty new, but it is awesome getting put with elders younger than you because that way you can do it together. I'm way into the whole shared thing. We have around 130 in the ward I believe, I don't know I don't usually count.

Drammen is great and I'm totally excited to get this new adventure underway. It is pretty great being here and being able to have a new opportunity. 

There are 7 missionaries in the district - 3 sisters and 4 elders. We are part of the Telemark zone which is way more suburbs than most places in Norway, considering I have been in the two biggest cities in the country.

Weird that I am turning 20 and I feel like I should be super wise and stuff, but I still feel like a little kid sometimes. But, I am totally okay with that attitude at appropriate times. Norway is not too shabby of a place to be spending a birthday, even if it is with a white shirt and tie on. I imagine Jesus would wear a white shirt and tie on his birthday, either that or a robe. Maybe I could wear a robe on mine? 

Thanks to everyone for the support, much love and have a great week!
E. Hoopes

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