Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 58

My comp's uncle was in town and got permission to take us to dinner. It was awesome.

Doing some service

Wow it is really kind of crazy that this is week 58. I know I say that every week and sooner or later I'll be home and I will be like "wow I can't believe I was gone for two years" but the time is a little crazy here. Kind of feels like detached reality. Like we see everything that is going on around us but we have no affect and no influence on it. It's kind of nice being a fly on the wall, but then again you know that I am not the fly on the wall. I think I get that one from my grandma.

The teaching was a little slow this week but we were able to be out on the streets for quite some time and soak up the water. My pants have actually become orange from the rain soaking into them. It has a great tint and I am very proud. 

Sorry not too much happened this week. July (supposedly the hottest month to everyone else in the world) had only 4 days without rain. Yes, I know I'm still talking about the weather, but come on.

We had a great lesson with a lady we found a couple of weeks ago. We were knocking on doors and took a random bus and saw a house and got off the bus and just went up to the door and knocked and the guy who answered the door didn't care, but we asked if he knew anyone who would be interested and then he called to his wife and she came downstairs and we had a great discussion and she said we could come back. So we went on Friday and it was great and hopefully will be visiting her again this week. #Ibelieveinmiracles

Hope you all have a great week!

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