Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 62

The sister missionaries were generous

So President Uchtdorf (apostle in the church) is coming in September which should be a way cool experience. It will be neat and I feel lucky that I will be close enough to get to go. I don't know if there will be a missionary section because he's going all over Europe, but still cool nonetheless. 

The cool part about Drammen is that it is a quiet little town with its people but everyone is so proud of their city. Just like in Bergen. Its weird but I like how everyone loves where they live. Virtually no one will say (or at least admit) that they don't like being in their city even if they aren't from here. Some things that are hard is that people really don't seem to like us. I mean that's Norway, but when the population is smaller, people really like telling you. I just laugh, though, and press on. But it really is awesome when you find the people who do like you or at least those that respect what you're doing. It's not every day that people do.

We usually fend for ourselves (me and my companion) but if we want to make a big dinner or get some good food going then we'll make something together with the other missionaries in our apartment. A lot of scrambling to make food. 

Well this week was pretty good and this next one doesn't look too bad. Nothing too special but you never know what happens! One year older and wiser too. Love you all and have a blessed week and don't let the birds poop on you :)

I do have stories, I just can't think or type fast enough. 


Our sign fell so we had to just stand and hold it up and a member got our picture

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 61

The day the sun didn't shine

Woooooohjooooo Drammen baby. It is pretty great actually and the sun has been shining (except for Sunday). It is a little different because the population is significantly different than other cities I have been in so far, but the ward is humongous. It totally reminds me of a ward in the states. It's just an awesome ward.

My new companion is from Idaho. He's been out a few months, so he is pretty new, but it is awesome getting put with elders younger than you because that way you can do it together. I'm way into the whole shared thing. We have around 130 in the ward I believe, I don't know I don't usually count.

Drammen is great and I'm totally excited to get this new adventure underway. It is pretty great being here and being able to have a new opportunity. 

There are 7 missionaries in the district - 3 sisters and 4 elders. We are part of the Telemark zone which is way more suburbs than most places in Norway, considering I have been in the two biggest cities in the country.

Weird that I am turning 20 and I feel like I should be super wise and stuff, but I still feel like a little kid sometimes. But, I am totally okay with that attitude at appropriate times. Norway is not too shabby of a place to be spending a birthday, even if it is with a white shirt and tie on. I imagine Jesus would wear a white shirt and tie on his birthday, either that or a robe. Maybe I could wear a robe on mine? 

Thanks to everyone for the support, much love and have a great week!
E. Hoopes

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 60

So I will be moving away from Bergen. I have been here a long time and it was truly sad to say goodbye to all of the wonderful members and people that I have met along the way. It for sure has not hit me yet that I am actually going to move. This place just seems like home now. When I think of the end of the day I just think of our nice apartment in Paradis where I can unwind and be at peace. It is not all places that such a feeling comes. At the end of my stint on Wednesday, I will have lived here longer than when I lived in BYU. That is truly crazy. I love this place but I am excited and ready for a new adventure in Drammen. It is more in the east which means warmer in the summer, colder in the winter and less rain (maybe no more orange pants) and a dialect that I can copy to help my Norwegian. Always blessed for change.

I will be living with my first companion (he's not my new companion but there will be four missionaries in our apartment.) This is his last transfer, so he was there for my first and I will be there for his last. Funny how it works like that.

We had a ton of appointments with members but since school hasn't started here yet we haven't been able to meet with investigators but we are doing that today because they all get back in town so we should be meeting up with a lot of people which should be good and also a little sad to say goodbye.

Until next week in Drammen, have a great week!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 59

Your weekly modeling pic. It was the perfect place to perch whilst waiting for the bus so Hadley took a pic.

So I met a couple whose son was a missionary in Grandpa's mission in Chile. Everyone is always so shocked when I meet people and we know each other. By this time I have come to realize that is just what is normal now. As long as you are in a big city in Norway in the summer, you will meet people you know. I just feel bad for all those that come to Bergen in the rain. But Bergen on its worst day is still pretty much better than any other city on its best. Biased?

I got to bless the sacrament on Sunday, it's been a while since I've done that. Now me and Ethan together can do it. Ha ha.

We were unable to meet with the lady we met the other week, this week. But this upcoming week we will be trying really hard, we have a bunch of appointments so hopefully we can have some good success here. 

This week was good, we were able to be on the streets a little and able to teach some lessons. We had an awesome spiritual thought with a family about repentance, love object lessons. 

Quote of the week was from a gentleman at church: Wow you have beautiful teeth. They are so straight and white. Lucky you. 

It was just so sweet the way he said it. 

Hope you all have a great week and always remember to help older people cross the street!


Grass roof, quite common

Sprinkler for the roof, not so common

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 58

My comp's uncle was in town and got permission to take us to dinner. It was awesome.

Doing some service

Wow it is really kind of crazy that this is week 58. I know I say that every week and sooner or later I'll be home and I will be like "wow I can't believe I was gone for two years" but the time is a little crazy here. Kind of feels like detached reality. Like we see everything that is going on around us but we have no affect and no influence on it. It's kind of nice being a fly on the wall, but then again you know that I am not the fly on the wall. I think I get that one from my grandma.

The teaching was a little slow this week but we were able to be out on the streets for quite some time and soak up the water. My pants have actually become orange from the rain soaking into them. It has a great tint and I am very proud. 

Sorry not too much happened this week. July (supposedly the hottest month to everyone else in the world) had only 4 days without rain. Yes, I know I'm still talking about the weather, but come on.

We had a great lesson with a lady we found a couple of weeks ago. We were knocking on doors and took a random bus and saw a house and got off the bus and just went up to the door and knocked and the guy who answered the door didn't care, but we asked if he knew anyone who would be interested and then he called to his wife and she came downstairs and we had a great discussion and she said we could come back. So we went on Friday and it was great and hopefully will be visiting her again this week. #Ibelieveinmiracles

Hope you all have a great week!