Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 57

So it was a bit hard for Norwegians to say "Hoopes" so I requested a name tag that when Norwegians read it, they could pronounce it how it should be pronounced. That's why my tag now says Eldste Hops. Very satisfying when people say it right.

I will be getting my driver's license. Here it's a little different and like a billion dollars more expensive and way harder. Normally for Norwegians getting their license costs somewhere around $5,500 dollars, YES dollars!! A small fortune. Fortunately, we just have to take the test. The thing is it is super hard and is an hour long and Europe is way different and way slower than all streets in the states. It should be interesting but I think I should manage. Just have to drive with confidence. No written because I already have a US license.

This last week was good. It was pretty warm a couple of days and then the next two weeks are supposed to rain right on schedule so not too much variation. We weren't able to meet up with our soccer playing investigator because he was busy, but things are going well. We are meeting with another investigator again and he's doing really well, yesterday we ate at his house and it was so good!

Yesterday I hit 13 months which is crazy and on August 6 I will have been in Norway a year. Big days and they are going by way fast.

Good things to come and life is going great.


HP Sauce from England it's so good on fish cakes!

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