Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 54

This week was pretty good, but nothing too exciting. It started raining, so it has been raining all week and then this week it is supposed to do the same. It's weird because it smells the exact same as when I was in Tromsø.  I walked outside one day and I just had to stop and reminisce. I can't believe it has almost been a year since I have actually been in Norway. Crazy.

Well there was a sad call on Sunday, my new address is....HA not! It's still the same. Yes, that's right I will be staying in Bergen! Wow, what an exciting opportunity. I will be staying with Hadley. I am so excited to stay and hopefully haven't overstayed my welcome. I think it will be an amazing transfer and I am even ready for the rain!

This week I just want to say that personal attention is SO important! I love seeing new people at church because I can just talk to them about being new or not seeing them and talking. People are so interesting and I LOVE TO TALK. It's the best feeling. So I say to you - go up to someone new at your functions and just talk to them. A lot of times people just need someone to listen. I recently talked to someone on the city train and at the end of the conversation she was just like "it was so nice to talk to you, I like having conversations with people - it's very pleasant."  (obviously awful english translation but you get the idea.) SO TALK TO PEOPLE!

Have a great week!

So glad my dad taught me how to move

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