Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 53

Running to catch the train to the airport back to Bergen

So this week was great!!! It actually started with rain which was a shock to Hadley considering that he has only seen Bergen in the sunshine. But it should be okay - we have our jackets ready and our white shirts soaked.

We had zone conference and the Europe area president, Elder Kearon, came. It was great and a multi zone so the North and West went down to Oslo because it turned out it would be cheaper for all of us to go down there instead of meeting somewhere in the north and west. It was so awesome to be back in Oslo and knowing where to go and stuff. One thing that was weird, though was that it was all green and relatively warm. The real strong memories of that place include freezing to death and not being able to open my mouth because it was frozen shut. But then when Daly came in and we looked around, it was like a flashback. I do love Bergen so much but being in Oslo brought back some good ol memories.

We did not made it to the summer solstice because we had just gotten back from Oslo and we had been up way early. We had to be at the airport at 6:15am and of course the train doesn't run that early so we had to find a way to the bus to the airport. Looking online we found that it left the city at 5:35. Okay, how to get there then? Since there are no cars or trains, looks like we were going to have to walk. So we had to leave our house at 4am to get there at the designated time. Which meant we woke up at 3am and then walked 4 miles to the city. Come to find out there was a bus that left right next to our house...we woke up about 2 and a half hours early. Sometimes even when you plan things, it goes south. We ended up being awake for about 20 hours total. Sooooo tiredddd......but good memories.

The conference was great, actually. Elder Kearon talked a lot about doing things how YOU would do it, which is something I emphasize a lot. Don't be a robot or someone you're not, there is a reason you're in a certain spot you are in at a certain time. It is crucial you remain you because there are always people you're going to meet in your life or who are going to cross your path that need YOU. It was also great to be back in the church in Oslo.

Have a great week!

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