Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 52 (aka 1/2)

This is what splits are like

Wow 52 weeks, honestly the last four have felt like one week. I guess that's the way it should feel. 

I said a prayer in English yesterday, it didn't go as well. I would say when I speak English I change how I sound and what I say and how much slang or dialect or familiarity. Most of the time it's just natural and other times I realize "whoah, tone it down." My grammar is a little weird sometimes, but for the most part English is just fine :)

This week was good. Recently, I was telling one of the guys in the ward that we have been having "sisters week" meaning that we have had so many appointments that we have been busy the whole time!! Basically how a sister mission feels. Wow, what a great time, no wonder they are always so happy! Ha ha, just kidding, but for real what a difference it makes. It was been so fun and rewarding doing service. A quote from a Mormon message is "a lot of time when we try to heal ourselves, it's an inward effort. It's when we try to help others that we heal." Kind of cool thought to think about that we got to just take a minute sometimes to help others.

Splits with Daly and Nelson was great. Basically when we do splits we go half the day with one of the other companions and then half way through we switch. So this time we went contacting for like an hour and met a bunch of random people. It's fun contacting and working with someone else to get a change of pace and see how others do things. We talked to so many people and we were laughing so hard and people were giving us the weirdest looks, but it was fun. Then the four of us met up together to go visit a less active. The fun part, though, was when we were meeting up we didn't get to the train station until like 12:30pm and then when we got there we realized the train was broken down. When we asked the guy how long it was going to take to fix he responded, "5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, 2. Hey maybe tomorrow." So then we realized ugh. It's like a 7 minute train ride or an hour walk so we had to figure something out. By now it's 1, and we are ready to go home. So we took a taxi home. We kept trying to figure out the price and the guy kept telling us different things. I was sitting in front so of course it was my job to haggle down the price a list.e. So we get to the house and he keeps saying 250 and I told him there was no way we are paying that. After a couple of minutes I got it down to 200, and then he said 200 and I told him we aren't leaving the car unless its 150. Reluctantly he agreed but that's just how you do it as a poor humble missionary. I don't feel too bad because even 150 was way too much. 

I had a great week. Have a good one coming up!

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