Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 50

The 7th Bergen mountain

So chances are I go home one year from today. Now that's wild. It feels like it has been such a short time but then again I can't remember what I even ate for breakfast yesterday (hahaha trick question it was fast Sunday.)

I miss talking to Californians about the way you got to where you are going. In Norway there are two ways to get anywhere and so it doesn't make for too interesting of conversations, especially when I have no idea where anything is nor do I drive. The other day we ran into someone from California and we talked about where they lived and it was a blast to talk about how to get there and stuff.

So we find places by looking them up online, then drawing a really lame map then we get on a bus and make our way out to where we need to go. Usually our maps don't quite match up and we generally end up on a street that we are quite a ways away from actually. But that's okay because it makes for better stories and meeting more interesting people.

This week was good, but like always, it's a blur. It was hot the whole week, except for one day and that happened to be the day we were doing some service by washing a house - so the one day that involved water it happened to be raining. I think that's Heavenly Father's way of having a little fun with the missionaries. 

So I will be burning a shirt (or two because they are so gross) for my one year mark. But the grossness is what makes being a missionary, being a missionary. 

We had a bunch of appointments this week and the sun was out so you know what that means!! Yes, I got a nice tan line ring around my neck from my collar. I'm sure dad knows all about it. The thing is it looks great with a white shirt on because I'm looking all tan but as I write this in a t-shirt it is kind of appalling how bad the tan line is. 

Today we climbed a mountain- now I have climbed all 7 mountains of Bergen!

There are a lot of tourists here right now. Actually a lot of Mormons come up to us and ask us about the work and like to take our pictures to send home :) 

The mission got a bunch of new missionaries, but we only got one sister missionary that is new to our district. We haven't seen a new elder that we have never met, in a long time. That's what you get when your mission has such a small number of people. But it also makes for closer relationships which is good.

Have a great week! Cue: Livin on a Prayer by Bon Jovi "We're halfway there..."


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