Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 53

Running to catch the train to the airport back to Bergen

So this week was great!!! It actually started with rain which was a shock to Hadley considering that he has only seen Bergen in the sunshine. But it should be okay - we have our jackets ready and our white shirts soaked.

We had zone conference and the Europe area president, Elder Kearon, came. It was great and a multi zone so the North and West went down to Oslo because it turned out it would be cheaper for all of us to go down there instead of meeting somewhere in the north and west. It was so awesome to be back in Oslo and knowing where to go and stuff. One thing that was weird, though was that it was all green and relatively warm. The real strong memories of that place include freezing to death and not being able to open my mouth because it was frozen shut. But then when Daly came in and we looked around, it was like a flashback. I do love Bergen so much but being in Oslo brought back some good ol memories.

We did not made it to the summer solstice because we had just gotten back from Oslo and we had been up way early. We had to be at the airport at 6:15am and of course the train doesn't run that early so we had to find a way to the bus to the airport. Looking online we found that it left the city at 5:35. Okay, how to get there then? Since there are no cars or trains, looks like we were going to have to walk. So we had to leave our house at 4am to get there at the designated time. Which meant we woke up at 3am and then walked 4 miles to the city. Come to find out there was a bus that left right next to our house...we woke up about 2 and a half hours early. Sometimes even when you plan things, it goes south. We ended up being awake for about 20 hours total. Sooooo tiredddd......but good memories.

The conference was great, actually. Elder Kearon talked a lot about doing things how YOU would do it, which is something I emphasize a lot. Don't be a robot or someone you're not, there is a reason you're in a certain spot you are in at a certain time. It is crucial you remain you because there are always people you're going to meet in your life or who are going to cross your path that need YOU. It was also great to be back in the church in Oslo.

Have a great week!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 52 (aka 1/2)

This is what splits are like

Wow 52 weeks, honestly the last four have felt like one week. I guess that's the way it should feel. 

I said a prayer in English yesterday, it didn't go as well. I would say when I speak English I change how I sound and what I say and how much slang or dialect or familiarity. Most of the time it's just natural and other times I realize "whoah, tone it down." My grammar is a little weird sometimes, but for the most part English is just fine :)

This week was good. Recently, I was telling one of the guys in the ward that we have been having "sisters week" meaning that we have had so many appointments that we have been busy the whole time!! Basically how a sister mission feels. Wow, what a great time, no wonder they are always so happy! Ha ha, just kidding, but for real what a difference it makes. It was been so fun and rewarding doing service. A quote from a Mormon message is "a lot of time when we try to heal ourselves, it's an inward effort. It's when we try to help others that we heal." Kind of cool thought to think about that we got to just take a minute sometimes to help others.

Splits with Daly and Nelson was great. Basically when we do splits we go half the day with one of the other companions and then half way through we switch. So this time we went contacting for like an hour and met a bunch of random people. It's fun contacting and working with someone else to get a change of pace and see how others do things. We talked to so many people and we were laughing so hard and people were giving us the weirdest looks, but it was fun. Then the four of us met up together to go visit a less active. The fun part, though, was when we were meeting up we didn't get to the train station until like 12:30pm and then when we got there we realized the train was broken down. When we asked the guy how long it was going to take to fix he responded, "5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, 2. Hey maybe tomorrow." So then we realized ugh. It's like a 7 minute train ride or an hour walk so we had to figure something out. By now it's 1, and we are ready to go home. So we took a taxi home. We kept trying to figure out the price and the guy kept telling us different things. I was sitting in front so of course it was my job to haggle down the price a list.e. So we get to the house and he keeps saying 250 and I told him there was no way we are paying that. After a couple of minutes I got it down to 200, and then he said 200 and I told him we aren't leaving the car unless its 150. Reluctantly he agreed but that's just how you do it as a poor humble missionary. I don't feel too bad because even 150 was way too much. 

I had a great week. Have a good one coming up!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week 51

Well we aren't really teaching too many people right now, they have kind of dropped off but we have been doing a lot of service and member work and so when we do find people to teach they will be ready and we can invite them over to member homes to be taught. So much more effective.

The best thing that we ate this week was probably some pizza that we got- it was sooooooo good - wow definitely the best!

We don't have to help out too much during Sunday services, there's plenty of ward members to teach and stuff. But, if I needed to help it is getting to the point where I don't have to think too much about what I'm going to say in Norwegian anymore. It just kind of comes out - now whether it is right or not that is a different story but I would say it is going well. I would say the best thing someone has said was that we had really good Norwegian but people have been saying that since I first got here so I don't know if I trust it anymore. Someone did say I sound like Gatsby when I speak Norwegian - so that made me feel good :)

Daly is coming this week and we get to do splits - should be sweet!

Have a great week!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 50

The 7th Bergen mountain

So chances are I go home one year from today. Now that's wild. It feels like it has been such a short time but then again I can't remember what I even ate for breakfast yesterday (hahaha trick question it was fast Sunday.)

I miss talking to Californians about the way you got to where you are going. In Norway there are two ways to get anywhere and so it doesn't make for too interesting of conversations, especially when I have no idea where anything is nor do I drive. The other day we ran into someone from California and we talked about where they lived and it was a blast to talk about how to get there and stuff.

So we find places by looking them up online, then drawing a really lame map then we get on a bus and make our way out to where we need to go. Usually our maps don't quite match up and we generally end up on a street that we are quite a ways away from actually. But that's okay because it makes for better stories and meeting more interesting people.

This week was good, but like always, it's a blur. It was hot the whole week, except for one day and that happened to be the day we were doing some service by washing a house - so the one day that involved water it happened to be raining. I think that's Heavenly Father's way of having a little fun with the missionaries. 

So I will be burning a shirt (or two because they are so gross) for my one year mark. But the grossness is what makes being a missionary, being a missionary. 

We had a bunch of appointments this week and the sun was out so you know what that means!! Yes, I got a nice tan line ring around my neck from my collar. I'm sure dad knows all about it. The thing is it looks great with a white shirt on because I'm looking all tan but as I write this in a t-shirt it is kind of appalling how bad the tan line is. 

Today we climbed a mountain- now I have climbed all 7 mountains of Bergen!

There are a lot of tourists here right now. Actually a lot of Mormons come up to us and ask us about the work and like to take our pictures to send home :) 

The mission got a bunch of new missionaries, but we only got one sister missionary that is new to our district. We haven't seen a new elder that we have never met, in a long time. That's what you get when your mission has such a small number of people. But it also makes for closer relationships which is good.

Have a great week! Cue: Livin on a Prayer by Bon Jovi "We're halfway there..."