Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 48 (week 47 "no time to email)

So this week was Syttende Mai, May 17 is Constitution Day in Norway. Everyone dresses up and the city is decorated and everyone marches in the parades. So we asked these girls for a picture in english and they said "of course." Later we saw the sister missionaries taking pictures with them and I totally forgot it was the girls we asked for a picture and we were speaking norwegian and they were totally shocked!

Everyone dresses up and the women and girls wear traditional Bunads (Boo-nod). 

I will be staying in Bergen for 6 more weeks!!! wooohoo. I will be getting a new companion, though. By the end of this stint I will be here for 6 months! And who knows, maybe I could stay for another? 

So the craziest thing I've seen in Bergen is probably last week when a girl hopped off the light rail in her Bunad on the 17th and she threw up everywhere. Maybe it wasn't the craziest but it was probably the funniest. I haven't seen too much crazy, Norway is pretty tame.

So Rus starts in the beginning of April and then the last day is May 17 (where the high school kids graduating wear red jump suits, party super hard, hand out funny trading cards to get ready for finals) and they stay up all night. They basically die but then they sleep and have school/finals the next day! They have a traditional summer break, done in May and go back to school in August/September.

So we when we sing in church we sing the hymns in Norwegian. It's funny how they always make the notes work with the words, the church is pretty clever like that. My favorite hymn is Nærmere deg min Gud (nearer my god to thee). Its great : )

We have zone conferences every transfer on week 4. It's good to come together and we always have a good time. Daly is still my zone leader so I will see him in a couple of weeks. 

This week it's back to business as usual. Have a great week!


Rus, the kids graduating and partying are in the parade in their jumpsuits and overalls

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