Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 44

So my crocs are just about the best thing ever!

Well this week was crazy because on Saturday it snowed! It was kind of dumb because it is warm now - one day it's snowing and then a couple of hours later clear skies - kind of like Utah.

There was actually another baptism this week which was way cool! He is from New Jersey and for some reason he thinks I am super funny - ha ha! But it's really only him laughing, I guess I have that affect? He is in Norway because his wife is Norwegian and he's way cool. I was the witness to the baptism - I have been the witness for every baptism I have been to here - two children and two converts - pretty cool.

We actually met up with quite a few people this week which was nice, we weren't just walking around the city trying to talk to people as usual, but actually managed to do something. It was a nice change of pace. 

I will say my Norwegian actually isn't too bad anymore. Some days it feels like absolute garbage and I might as well just pretend to sign language and other times I feel fluent (trust me, it isn't that good just feels like it sometimes.)

We're definitely getting closer to summer because the sun doesn't go down until 9:30, so that's a plus!

That's about it for the week - have a great week!

Eldste J

Sis. Leland and I look like siblings!

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