Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 44

So my crocs are just about the best thing ever!

Well this week was crazy because on Saturday it snowed! It was kind of dumb because it is warm now - one day it's snowing and then a couple of hours later clear skies - kind of like Utah.

There was actually another baptism this week which was way cool! He is from New Jersey and for some reason he thinks I am super funny - ha ha! But it's really only him laughing, I guess I have that affect? He is in Norway because his wife is Norwegian and he's way cool. I was the witness to the baptism - I have been the witness for every baptism I have been to here - two children and two converts - pretty cool.

We actually met up with quite a few people this week which was nice, we weren't just walking around the city trying to talk to people as usual, but actually managed to do something. It was a nice change of pace. 

I will say my Norwegian actually isn't too bad anymore. Some days it feels like absolute garbage and I might as well just pretend to sign language and other times I feel fluent (trust me, it isn't that good just feels like it sometimes.)

We're definitely getting closer to summer because the sun doesn't go down until 9:30, so that's a plus!

That's about it for the week - have a great week!

Eldste J

Sis. Leland and I look like siblings!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 43

I don't have too much time today so this won't be long. We had a funeral here today at the church. Everyone was so sad and it was sad to see them like that. It's comforting to know that we are not gone forever, and it's just a little time.

I will try to send more info next week. We are actually going to teach a good amount of people this week so that's exciting! 

Have a good week!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 42

So imagine this. You have been in the dark for the past 6 months and have not felt the warmth of the sun. You are in sweaters and you're still cold. The sunny days are still freezing because there's no humidity to hold in the heat whatsoever and when there is, it's rain. But this last week something happened. Something amazing. We happened to be out all day at sporting events of investigators and those that needed our support. The day was nice and the sun was out. I could feel the warmth and I was so happy. After a long day being out I was actually sweating because of the heat (not like usual, when I sweat because of genetics.) But that was not the amazing part. The amazing part came the next day. When I woke up I rubbed my nose and it hurt. Why would my nose hurt? I looked in the mirror and there it was - a SUNBURN. I did it!!! After a year of no sun I got a sunburn. I never thought I would ever be so excited to get a sunburn or anything of that nature but I have never been happier to have pain on my face. Granted this was a couple of rare days of sun, but I am so very thankful to share it. I would like to thank the academy, the sun, my family and the haters who never thought it could happen.

I will be staying another six weeks in Bergen woooooo!!!!! So excited! It also means that I will be staying with Elder Messer and that we will be here through the 17th of May. Rumor has it that Bergen is the best city for their independence day. 

I still can't sing and I am reminded every day.

On Sunday I had to translate for our senior couple missionary sister during sacrament meeting and then for bearing her testimony. So I got to translate in front of the whole congregation. I started out pretty well but then when she got to the second part of her sentence my brain was still on the first part and then I totally forgot the whole sentence and by that time it was just a mess. It was so hard. Translating from Norwegian to English is a no brainer but English to Norwegian is a totally different story.

We watched the Saturday afternoon session on Tuesday with the district for our district meeting. 

The country is getting ready for the 17th of May. They have already had practices for the marching band and you can hear them all over the city. 

To answer Holland, we eat a lot of pasta and rice and stuff like that. Sometimes I make tacos. When we aren't teaching we are usually walking around the city talking to people or visiting members and sharing messages with them. It's pretty fun. 

The best way to talk to people I believe is with a card. Mostly I talk to people under the age of 70. Mostly young adult age are the most receptive because they haven't really made up their mind about which Starbucks drink is best let alone what they want to believe. 

I've learned if you drop things Norwegians will always help you. One of the most creative things I have done is pretend to drop a bunch of cards. This one time I dropped them everywhere, and I mean everywhere, like I made a purposeful effort to throw them when I dropped them. And this guy leaned down to help me and I kind of just started talking and explaining what the cards were and what I was doing. I got his number, but nothing ever happened. Maybe he was just being nice but that was pretty good. One time when I was in Oslo we were walking around the city asking if people wanted a free book and you would be amazed at how many took one. It was crazy. I guess the word "free" does something to people. 

Well, have a great week,

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 41

The sisters from the distrikt

So we watched conference at the church from 10am-9pm! But the coolest thing - we (Bergen) did have a baptism! It's the first baptism I've been to that wasn't for an eight year old. He is way cool and is the sister's newest member. The coolest experience to happen between sessions of conference. I liked Uchtdorf. He is such a stud. Gave great talks. I'll be mailing you what I worked on during conference. 

Not too much else - we went contacting, met some people and met up with some less actives. Time is going by way fast and transfers are next week. I LOVE Bergen and the people and the city even if it does always rain, so I hope I get to stay. 

Love, J

This is an accordion store - you hear it all the time!