Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 40 Påske edition


So I don't have much time because we're going to a farm - which should be cool. We had a zone conference this week which was cool because I got to see all of everyone. Literally 5 of my 6 companions were there. I didn't get much of a good picture because my camera is not so good, but gotta be grateful even if it would be better if I sketched a picture of what happened. Daly and Gingrich were there and now are the zone leaders. 

So on p-days it's kind of a toss up. Like today we're going to a farm but sometimes we go to the church and play ping pong. I am actually quite good. We are usually with the district on p-days because we are actually pretty good friends and there's like 10 of us (the most in any district in the mission). In Bergen we sometimes go on hikes. 

The biggest difference between the cities of Bergen and Oslo are that they each think they are better than the other. There is an unspoken rivalry between the two. I honestly couldn't tell you who I thought was better or which city I like better. They are both incredible. The biggest similarity is that the culture is pretty consistent throughout Norway. Reserved and kind of quiet but once you become their friend it's like you've known them forever.

I can't really write Norwegian because it's way hard, but I can figure it out if I tried but it takes some time. 

We did some Easter traditions and had an Easter concert - pretty cool - sorry so short. But it's kind of cool my pants stayed intact this week!!!

Love, J

- And yeah we did hear about the Belgium attacks. We heard all about the missionaries. Really cool things they did. Things happen. Just don't ever fear. 

The district

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