Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 39 (Adventure edition)

So basically this week we ran through forests, got lost, found our way again, got lost, found people and got lost some more.

One day we decided instead of taking the train into town, we would walk into the city. It was kind of great and it took forever but we burned a lot of calories and we were able to meet some people.

Elder Beck and I went on splits this week for a day since his comp is the district leader, so we had a good time. We decided to take a bus out to the middle of nowhere and knock on doors. We took a bus to the end and then got off and went to the houses. The first door we knocked on and a lady answered and before anything was said she started shaking her head and slammed the door. Great way to start!

The next house we went to a kid answered the door so we asked if his mom or dad was home and before his dad was even done coming down the stairs all we here was "nei nei nei nei nei nei nei!!!" 

Every single person we went to said no and basically didn't even hear us out. And I'm not going to say we were blessed for our struggles but I will say that we didn't stop laughing the whole time because people were so mean. It was so great, my stomach hurt from laughing. And after we were waiting for a bus we decided to walk through some grasslands. Turns out it was just straight swamp but by the time we were halfway through it was too late so we just went for it. We got some wet feet, but also some good pictures of us adventuring. What a fun time.

I know you learn things on the mission, but truly I have learned so much it's insane - about the gospel, about the church, but mostly about myself and about life. Life has some hard times, but it's the good ones that we remember (for the most part at least.)

Love, J

PS my English is terrible now

In the swamp

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