Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 38

Moving day elders

So I unofficially officially hold the record. It all started with service for a family in the ward who needed to be moved out from their home. So of course, the Elders were called to action. We were moving boxes from house to house and putting them in the attic. Of course I was in the attic helping put them in place because I learned the way to stow away stuff the best from my father and his father before him (maybe not but it's a scripture I think, I know look at me so spiritual). I am glad I went to every move every Saturday for five years so I knew how to do it right. I was box to box like a master. That is when it happened. I don't know how, I thought I was safe but I just lost it. I bent down maybe just a little too low to pick up a box and I heard that all too familiar sound of shhhhhrrrrrtt. My pants my pants. Luckily and unluckily it was my p-day pants so now I have nothing but the ripped. After around three years of nonstop wear and use, I ripped my 7th, yes that is right, 7th pair of pants. I am so sad. So the moral of the story, I need more pants.

So on Sunday I actually had to translate for a guy I was sitting next to at church because the head sets weren't working. It is so hard, your brain trying simultaneously to work two different languages and spit out intelligible english is so hard. I don't know how people do it, but it went pretty well.

The quote from the week goes to the sweetest little boy who is 6 years old. He speaks english and his nose was itching and he just looks at me and says: "American sneezes are the worst." Amen to that little brother, amen.

I have started a "what I have learned on my mission" list and it is going quite well :)

Things are going pretty well here, the language is basically there, I can crack jokes in Norwegian. I write songs for the distrikt, I baffle people on the street, I have a crack in my shoes and the collars on my white shirts are black, so everything is going according to plan.

Have a good week!


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