Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 37

With my Bergen district before transfers

Well the other day I hit 7 months in the country which is way weird because it is going by so fast. I know I should say more but everything feels like one long day and it is hard to believe that it is already Monday again.

Elder Messer got here on Wednesday and I would say he got a kick out of the ward, the ward is so awesome here in Bergen. I am becoming real good friends with the people in it, especially the older men - I don't know why but it may be my calling. I love it.

Daly is my new zone leader!! He will probably come down for splits with the district leader and then we will go down there for zone conference so I will probably see him twice which is nice. We had an awesome time. There are 11 new sisters that arrived in Norway on Wednesday and we got one here in Bergen, so it's fun to see a greenie totally new to the action.

We had a bunch of teaches this week and spent some good time in the city. It is finally nice to have my bearings on me and I can kind of just go without having to think too much which is pretty nice. We wake up, get to work and go to bed. Some days are hard because it's the same thing but other days it's just so way good.

Here are some details from this week. It is finally kind of warm. We saw the Northern Lights last night in Bergen which is insane that they were this low. I am whiter and fatter than ever. I have to shave nearly every day now. I wear the same pants Monday through Saturday and they never get old. Sweaters are mandatory unless you want to look like a goon. I will probably need a short sleeve shirt when it gets warmer - I never thought I would need one.

Norwegian is great and time is just flying by. We're working on getting more investigators but that's just Norway and that's why we got to go out every day :)

Have a great week!

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