Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 40 Påske edition


So I don't have much time because we're going to a farm - which should be cool. We had a zone conference this week which was cool because I got to see all of everyone. Literally 5 of my 6 companions were there. I didn't get much of a good picture because my camera is not so good, but gotta be grateful even if it would be better if I sketched a picture of what happened. Daly and Gingrich were there and now are the zone leaders. 

So on p-days it's kind of a toss up. Like today we're going to a farm but sometimes we go to the church and play ping pong. I am actually quite good. We are usually with the district on p-days because we are actually pretty good friends and there's like 10 of us (the most in any district in the mission). In Bergen we sometimes go on hikes. 

The biggest difference between the cities of Bergen and Oslo are that they each think they are better than the other. There is an unspoken rivalry between the two. I honestly couldn't tell you who I thought was better or which city I like better. They are both incredible. The biggest similarity is that the culture is pretty consistent throughout Norway. Reserved and kind of quiet but once you become their friend it's like you've known them forever.

I can't really write Norwegian because it's way hard, but I can figure it out if I tried but it takes some time. 

We did some Easter traditions and had an Easter concert - pretty cool - sorry so short. But it's kind of cool my pants stayed intact this week!!!

Love, J

- And yeah we did hear about the Belgium attacks. We heard all about the missionaries. Really cool things they did. Things happen. Just don't ever fear. 

The district

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 39 (Adventure edition)

So basically this week we ran through forests, got lost, found our way again, got lost, found people and got lost some more.

One day we decided instead of taking the train into town, we would walk into the city. It was kind of great and it took forever but we burned a lot of calories and we were able to meet some people.

Elder Beck and I went on splits this week for a day since his comp is the district leader, so we had a good time. We decided to take a bus out to the middle of nowhere and knock on doors. We took a bus to the end and then got off and went to the houses. The first door we knocked on and a lady answered and before anything was said she started shaking her head and slammed the door. Great way to start!

The next house we went to a kid answered the door so we asked if his mom or dad was home and before his dad was even done coming down the stairs all we here was "nei nei nei nei nei nei nei!!!" 

Every single person we went to said no and basically didn't even hear us out. And I'm not going to say we were blessed for our struggles but I will say that we didn't stop laughing the whole time because people were so mean. It was so great, my stomach hurt from laughing. And after we were waiting for a bus we decided to walk through some grasslands. Turns out it was just straight swamp but by the time we were halfway through it was too late so we just went for it. We got some wet feet, but also some good pictures of us adventuring. What a fun time.

I know you learn things on the mission, but truly I have learned so much it's insane - about the gospel, about the church, but mostly about myself and about life. Life has some hard times, but it's the good ones that we remember (for the most part at least.)

Love, J

PS my English is terrible now

In the swamp

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 38

Moving day elders

So I unofficially officially hold the record. It all started with service for a family in the ward who needed to be moved out from their home. So of course, the Elders were called to action. We were moving boxes from house to house and putting them in the attic. Of course I was in the attic helping put them in place because I learned the way to stow away stuff the best from my father and his father before him (maybe not but it's a scripture I think, I know look at me so spiritual). I am glad I went to every move every Saturday for five years so I knew how to do it right. I was box to box like a master. That is when it happened. I don't know how, I thought I was safe but I just lost it. I bent down maybe just a little too low to pick up a box and I heard that all too familiar sound of shhhhhrrrrrtt. My pants my pants. Luckily and unluckily it was my p-day pants so now I have nothing but the ripped. After around three years of nonstop wear and use, I ripped my 7th, yes that is right, 7th pair of pants. I am so sad. So the moral of the story, I need more pants.

So on Sunday I actually had to translate for a guy I was sitting next to at church because the head sets weren't working. It is so hard, your brain trying simultaneously to work two different languages and spit out intelligible english is so hard. I don't know how people do it, but it went pretty well.

The quote from the week goes to the sweetest little boy who is 6 years old. He speaks english and his nose was itching and he just looks at me and says: "American sneezes are the worst." Amen to that little brother, amen.

I have started a "what I have learned on my mission" list and it is going quite well :)

Things are going pretty well here, the language is basically there, I can crack jokes in Norwegian. I write songs for the distrikt, I baffle people on the street, I have a crack in my shoes and the collars on my white shirts are black, so everything is going according to plan.

Have a good week!


Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 37

With my Bergen district before transfers

Well the other day I hit 7 months in the country which is way weird because it is going by so fast. I know I should say more but everything feels like one long day and it is hard to believe that it is already Monday again.

Elder Messer got here on Wednesday and I would say he got a kick out of the ward, the ward is so awesome here in Bergen. I am becoming real good friends with the people in it, especially the older men - I don't know why but it may be my calling. I love it.

Daly is my new zone leader!! He will probably come down for splits with the district leader and then we will go down there for zone conference so I will probably see him twice which is nice. We had an awesome time. There are 11 new sisters that arrived in Norway on Wednesday and we got one here in Bergen, so it's fun to see a greenie totally new to the action.

We had a bunch of teaches this week and spent some good time in the city. It is finally nice to have my bearings on me and I can kind of just go without having to think too much which is pretty nice. We wake up, get to work and go to bed. Some days are hard because it's the same thing but other days it's just so way good.

Here are some details from this week. It is finally kind of warm. We saw the Northern Lights last night in Bergen which is insane that they were this low. I am whiter and fatter than ever. I have to shave nearly every day now. I wear the same pants Monday through Saturday and they never get old. Sweaters are mandatory unless you want to look like a goon. I will probably need a short sleeve shirt when it gets warmer - I never thought I would need one.

Norwegian is great and time is just flying by. We're working on getting more investigators but that's just Norway and that's why we got to go out every day :)

Have a great week!