Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 36

So mostly we talk to people on the street. We mostly meet with our few investigators once a week or so and one of them is in the Canary Islands right now (shout out to Uncle Chris.) I laughed when he told us because I've heard so much about the islands. Most people just say no thanks before you even stop them so that part is hard. I do have a book of all the meanest quotes that I've heard and it's pretty hilarious. For example (I've translated this for you guys) Daly got on the bus one time and turned to a guy and said 
Daly: It's pretty cold outside 
and the man: *turns to him, looks at the tag* "it's warmer in hell."

The way we stop most people on the streets is by asking them a question or giving them a card or asking where they're from. Sometimes we ask if they some mutual friends, getting their number and then meeting with them. 

So Elder Steed will be moving to Kristiansund and I will be getting a new companion. He's from Colorado and has only been out for a couple of transfers. 

Here's a pic of Steed falling, surprisingly I have only fallen once in my whole time here *knock on wood.

Have a good week.


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