Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 35

Last week of the transfer and Steed and I are doing great. Pretty sure we will be staying together for the next transfer which is cool because we have had such a great time so that is awesome.

Mmmmmmm so it's like frozen solid ground which is weird for Bergen but it happens. Got to see Killpack and it was way cool. So our zone conference was in Stavanger which is a little while away by car and since none of us have a car we flew (yes silver member on Scandinavian airlines). We flew in and out on the same day.

When we have our zone conference we only have our one zone together. We only have four zones in the whole mission with like 20 missionaries in each so there is a chance you could never see someone the whole time they are here. Something good I took away from the conference was that Sister Hill said to smile and it will make a huge difference. I totally believe this because when Steed and I are together or with one of my other companions and I would tell a joke or we were laughing and smiling, people were way more likely to talk to us just to see what we thought was so great, so I would say that is good thing.

Things are good! Have a good week.


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