Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 36

So mostly we talk to people on the street. We mostly meet with our few investigators once a week or so and one of them is in the Canary Islands right now (shout out to Uncle Chris.) I laughed when he told us because I've heard so much about the islands. Most people just say no thanks before you even stop them so that part is hard. I do have a book of all the meanest quotes that I've heard and it's pretty hilarious. For example (I've translated this for you guys) Daly got on the bus one time and turned to a guy and said 
Daly: It's pretty cold outside 
and the man: *turns to him, looks at the tag* "it's warmer in hell."

The way we stop most people on the streets is by asking them a question or giving them a card or asking where they're from. Sometimes we ask if they some mutual friends, getting their number and then meeting with them. 

So Elder Steed will be moving to Kristiansund and I will be getting a new companion. He's from Colorado and has only been out for a couple of transfers. 

Here's a pic of Steed falling, surprisingly I have only fallen once in my whole time here *knock on wood.

Have a good week.


Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 35

Last week of the transfer and Steed and I are doing great. Pretty sure we will be staying together for the next transfer which is cool because we have had such a great time so that is awesome.

Mmmmmmm so it's like frozen solid ground which is weird for Bergen but it happens. Got to see Killpack and it was way cool. So our zone conference was in Stavanger which is a little while away by car and since none of us have a car we flew (yes silver member on Scandinavian airlines). We flew in and out on the same day.

When we have our zone conference we only have our one zone together. We only have four zones in the whole mission with like 20 missionaries in each so there is a chance you could never see someone the whole time they are here. Something good I took away from the conference was that Sister Hill said to smile and it will make a huge difference. I totally believe this because when Steed and I are together or with one of my other companions and I would tell a joke or we were laughing and smiling, people were way more likely to talk to us just to see what we thought was so great, so I would say that is good thing.

Things are good! Have a good week.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 34

I can't believe I ripped my pants again, but I did. I thought it was impossible, but it's not. I slid on the basketball court and burnt a hole in the knee. My knee and the pants a like were a bit crisp. 

It has been way sunny here, but not as sunny as there. The sun may shine but it is still -5 to -7C everyday. I used to think I like the cold, but after being here I can tell you for sure that I do NOT. The coat is warm though.

The days are actually going by way fast right now. It finally stopped raining after 5 weeks. I feel like I am always talking about the weather but that is truly a huge part here. The sun is a huge help. We see exponentially bigger success when the sun is out rather to when it's not. Even if it's -7C.

Elder Steed and I are doing great and actually on Wednesday we will be going to Stavanger for zone conference (yes, I have to take a plane to go to zone conference and now I'm a silver member on Scandinavian Airlines) and I will see KILLPACK for the first time in 6 months!!! What a treat! Maybe if I'm lucky, one day I will be able to serve with him again.

We did hike a mountain last week. Here's a picture with me and Elder Hailes, who is in my district. 

Love you guys and hope things are going way well!


Norwegian making an American funny

Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016

Not much new here, but this one day Steed and I were out tracking down people that haven't been to church in a while and we were kind of lost. Well, actually we were really lost. But when it came down to it we finally found our way after a couple of hours and found the bus back home. The whole no smartphone thing has made me be appreciative for the maps app. Even though it's hard, its better than trying to remember it in your head.

It hasn't stopped raining in four weeks, but that's just Bergen. 

Steed and I are having a great time and are sure doing good work. It's kind of hard sometimes because that's Norway, but what are ya going to do? Complain? Nah, well sometimes but the work has to be done anyways :)

All's good and love ya guys and am always thinking of you. 


Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

So Bergen is sweet!!! The apartment is tiny but it's so missionary and we cook at the church. It rains every day and the other day we had to stay inside because there was a hurricane so that was a bummer. The hurricane missed Bergen, but a ton of umbrellas were torn up. Right off the coast the winds were like 150 mph. Ha ha! It's snowing right now and I haven't seen the sun in a couple of months so I finally broke down and got some vitamin D pills. 

If we have appointments we teach people, if we don't we go visit people that don't come to church. Otherwise, we go into the square in the city to contact people. I have been practicing my Spanish to try to talk to the people in Bergen that are from Spain. So far I have iglesia, and that is about it :)

We are teaching quite a few people and they are all doing great and I love them! We live downstairs from a member and they have a teenage son who is a lot like Ethan, it's awesome.

Bergen is absolutely beautiful. 

Love you and hope you all have a great week