Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016

New Years day games

So New Years was way cool. In Norway it's huge, it kind of looks like the whole city is getting bombed. We were on a hill with the Bishop's family (who is the nicest family in the entire world) and we could see 360 degrees around the city and it was absolutely incredible. They go hard on the fireworks. It's hilarious because all the Norwegians are drunk and they have no laws so they just go and blow up a bunch of stuff.

On New Years Day we went to President's house for dinner which was awesome. I love being around my homies. We ate Cafe Rio type food and we played a lot of games. Right now I'm pretty addicted to Banana Grams and I'm pretty boss at it. I'm basically undefeated.

This year is my "black year" as they call it. No one back home will know the 2016 Jackson. Kind of weird. Yeah, you will read my emails and stuff but you really won't know my true sassy self. But don't worry - I look the same. Extremely average height :)

Eldste Hoopes

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