Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

My district in Oslo saying goodbye

So I moved to Bergen. Took a plane and got everything into three tiny suitcases, I would say I'm a pro at this by now. Basically, just a regular traveler considering I am a silver member on the Scandinavian airline. So wassup? It rains every single day here and the only day it was sunny was the first one and it shouldn't stop raining until June. And then it might even get worse. I love the city, though. It reminds me of a clean Dana Point. One of the Norwegians here said that the reason it rains so much is because when God created the world he created the most beautiful city in Norway, which is Bergen. He always wanted to keep it clean so he has it rain every single day so that when God comes again, Bergen will be just as clean as he left it. I really like that.

The ward is about 100/130 members and there's just one ward in Bergen. There are six elders and two sisters in it. My new comp is Elder Steed. We were in the MTC together in Provo and we are doing famously. A little different than in Oslo, but we are doing well for sure. Got here on Wednesday and yesterday we got someone that set a baptismal date, so there's that!

My new address is: Reiber-Mohns Vei 33, 5231 Paradis, Norway

The new place is weird, but it's great and I LOVE the city and it's beautiful! I know I'm probably the worst because I don't have much to say but it's the same stuff so it's kind of hard to think of stuff. The Ikea here is so American, it's crazy! I can get a hot dog for an equivalent of 60 cents! Only at Ikea, what a place!

I love the Bergen ward, it is so glorious and I am stoked to be here.

Send my love to some people and make sure everyone else knows their place ;)

Love J

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