Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

My district in Oslo saying goodbye

So I moved to Bergen. Took a plane and got everything into three tiny suitcases, I would say I'm a pro at this by now. Basically, just a regular traveler considering I am a silver member on the Scandinavian airline. So wassup? It rains every single day here and the only day it was sunny was the first one and it shouldn't stop raining until June. And then it might even get worse. I love the city, though. It reminds me of a clean Dana Point. One of the Norwegians here said that the reason it rains so much is because when God created the world he created the most beautiful city in Norway, which is Bergen. He always wanted to keep it clean so he has it rain every single day so that when God comes again, Bergen will be just as clean as he left it. I really like that.

The ward is about 100/130 members and there's just one ward in Bergen. There are six elders and two sisters in it. My new comp is Elder Steed. We were in the MTC together in Provo and we are doing famously. A little different than in Oslo, but we are doing well for sure. Got here on Wednesday and yesterday we got someone that set a baptismal date, so there's that!

My new address is: Reiber-Mohns Vei 33, 5231 Paradis, Norway

The new place is weird, but it's great and I LOVE the city and it's beautiful! I know I'm probably the worst because I don't have much to say but it's the same stuff so it's kind of hard to think of stuff. The Ikea here is so American, it's crazy! I can get a hot dog for an equivalent of 60 cents! Only at Ikea, what a place!

I love the Bergen ward, it is so glorious and I am stoked to be here.

Send my love to some people and make sure everyone else knows their place ;)

Love J

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

Well, I broke down and bought a jacket. I know you must be jumping up and down screaming at the top of your lungs because I won't get frostbite. I got it from this store called Moods of Norway. It is sooooooo warm it is the best. It also has a patch on the inside that says "made with love by really really pretty blonde girls" ha ha - so there's that. 

I am getting transferred. I will be moving to Bergen, the rainiest city on the face of the earth. I'm excited to be able to go to Bergen, but it is so sad that after such a time the power trio and power duo have finally come to an end. What a sad sight indeed. We kind of just curled up in our blankets and had a moment of silence. But it should be okay. Elder Daly is the best and he is one of the best companions ever.

We lost one of our baptismal dates,  have spent time looking for one of our other investigators, froze our feet and ate food that we cooked half prepared. The usual missionary stuff.

Moving to Bergen will probably put me there until my year mark, if not more so that's cool. I love the cities I have been in so far and Oslo will for sure have a special place in my heart. It is just a tiny big city with a great ward.

Love you all and always thinking of you,

The end of the power duo

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

A member from The Philippines (shout out to Ryan Cook)

So it got down to -17C this week. Yeah, that's kind of cold and plus wind chill it was about -25C. You can do some math in your head or on your phone but just know it was cold. The more and more I live in Europe the more and more I appreciate the metric system, Celsius and all that jazz. Yet, I still can't tell you how tall I am in centimeters. But even through the cold, I made it without a jacket!!! Woo. I know I know swallow my pride and buy one but I think I'm okay.

I might spend another transfer here - wooooo power duo lives on. Wow, that would be amazing but also got to be prepared if I don't. Ahh, it's great with Elder Daly. We kind of just get people and can really understand the needs of the members and investigators.

Also got two baptismal dates so that's way sweet. Up to three. One is from Nepal, one from India and another from Ethiopia. Love teaching in English - ha ha.

The city got dumped on by snow and we contacted for like 4 hours the other day in it. But it makes it a little more exciting. We do have a lot of people cancel on us for "bad weather", like come on I come from South OC (got to say it in the most Californian accent) and I'm doing fine. People always are shocked that we walk around in the snow and cold and talk about Jesus. Just being a missionary. Time is flying, i would say that makes for a fun mission. We are for sure making the most out of it and nothing is holding us back. 

Also saw Cars the movie in Norwegian.(sometimes we can watch a Disney movie) The first line Lightning McQueen says is "Jeg er Fart" which is hilarious because it sounds like he's saying I am fart. Woo - still know I'm five years old and that nothing has changed in that department.

All is well, love you guys.

(Our snowscaped apartment lookout)

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016

New Years day games

So New Years was way cool. In Norway it's huge, it kind of looks like the whole city is getting bombed. We were on a hill with the Bishop's family (who is the nicest family in the entire world) and we could see 360 degrees around the city and it was absolutely incredible. They go hard on the fireworks. It's hilarious because all the Norwegians are drunk and they have no laws so they just go and blow up a bunch of stuff.

On New Years Day we went to President's house for dinner which was awesome. I love being around my homies. We ate Cafe Rio type food and we played a lot of games. Right now I'm pretty addicted to Banana Grams and I'm pretty boss at it. I'm basically undefeated.

This year is my "black year" as they call it. No one back home will know the 2016 Jackson. Kind of weird. Yeah, you will read my emails and stuff but you really won't know my true sassy self. But don't worry - I look the same. Extremely average height :)

Eldste Hoopes