Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

Nope not getting transferred. Christmas in the capitol. Kind of like Hunger Games and stuff. Ugh, we would see the posters for Hunger Games all the time and it would totally kills us. Problems with serving in a first world country.

I have officially gone a whole week without ripping my pants, I hope to keep it that way.

I do remember Jeremy Guthrie speaking a few years ago and I can't believe Ethan is as tall as him, wow, Ethan is a straight stud. I can never get over how cool he is. Almost all of the time whenever I talk about my inspirations or motivations or families with people, they almost always revert back to Ethan and Holland. Yeah, mom and dad are great too but they're like 57 years older than me. They truly are a kicking force in my life even if they are such young children (I'm still convinced Ethan is not a full person yet.) We teach these two daughters of a less active in our ward and the girls are ten and twelve. If you were to combine both of them together you would get Holland. So when we teach them and stuff, I just imagine that I'm teaching Holland.

We are fully submerged in Christmas time here in Norway. All the traditions: eating risgrøt, lille julaften, julaften, første juledag, all the jazz you can think of. I'll be sure to update you more, but you'd also be surprised at how American the culture is becoming. But they are for sure still prideful with their norwegian ways, and with good reason too.

Kind of a slow week last week but we are still chugging and I believe today we will be getting a real Christmas tree for our apartment. yup, that's right, the power duo of Oslo will be (maybe) cutting down a tree. If not maybe just getting on at a lot. But it isn't Christmas without a tree and lights. Daly and I will still be together so you know this is going to be an awesome Christmas here.

Love you guys,
Eldste Hoopes

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