Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015

Our week was great! The winter is settling in with people not wanting to meet and people going home and on vacation but it's no biggy, we do the same thing every day so it's not too shocking. 

You don't need to worry about me here, even if I am eating hot dogs. Fun fact they eat hot dogs and frozen pizza here way more than any American could ever dream. Never thought Norway would be big on such things, except they put potato salad on their hot dogs. It's dank, though and super cheap.

The girls that we teach are exactly like Holland. They love TV, music, mine craft, girly stuff, and when we come over to teach them we always entertain them for a bit. Object lessons, object lessons, object lessons.

Not too sure on Christmas, we might be in a member's or we might just be at the center. 

I would say that my understanding of Norwegian is around an 8 but my speaking is more around a 6. I am a little more advanced than most considering I had a Norwegian companion for 10 weeks which surprisingly (sarcasm) helps out quite a bit.

We have around 8 investigators and progressing with about three. The ward is about 120-150 that come to church, but in the winter it's a little less. It is a huge area. All of Oslo and all of the suburbs too. We have eight missionaries - four elders and four sisters.

Not too much has happened this week except that we got a Christmas tree!!! What what. That's right. You didn't think I would go without one did you? If you did then you underestimate the power of the power duo. 

We bought a bunch of cookies and Norwegian soda for the equivalent of 10 US cents so that's cool. Norway is weird like that. Most of the time every thing is like 400 times more expensive and then randomly you have these weird sales that make zero sense whatsoever.

It was pretty warm this week until today which is like -7 degrees which is pretty cold and to make it worse there is no snow and no sign of it anyway. I don't really know if it will ever snow down here!

But I'm fine, way warm and we work so it's not too hard to get the blood pumping! 

Love always and forever (just like kip)

Eldste Hoopes

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