Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

The chocolate factory was so cool a couple of weeks ago!!! I ate so much chocolate and it tasted so good. Life is good here except the sun doesn't rise until 9am and even when it does it's super cloudy and stuff so you can barely see it anyways. The sun sets here around 4, so it's basically dark before then. And it's rainy. Norwegians have been dealing with this their whole lives but for us American folk it's a little tough.

Having three of us is so sick tho!!! Only thing though is our apartment is built for one so it's a little crammed having three people and all of our stuff in there at once, but we make due. Right now I have ripped my various sets of pants a total of 4, count em 4 times. I don't know maybe I was just born to move. One of them was just wear and tear, the other trying to climb a ladder and my pants got shredded, the other was showing some kids my soccer moves, but that's just life. I feel like that's just how it goes.

Our investigator is doing good, we are praying he gets baptized before our next transfer. All our other investigators are doing good.

I know all you know, but my advice is to save money!!! If you remember Joseph, it was 7 years of prosperity and 7 years of famine. Not saying a famine is going to happen but the world is a circle and everything is a rotation so just be ready. My words of wisdom for the week.

Love you guys so much and hope everything is great at home!

With Elder Daly and Elder Skoien

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