Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

3:00 p.m. and the sun has set!

The missionaries in the Oslo area (Jackson is bottom row far left)

So basically it's so cold but I'm staying warm because I've got my nice peacoat which is holding me over for now. I'll be sure to buy something better when it gets a little colder. Usually it's around -5 to -7 Celsius on a regular basis but yesterday morning on the way to church it was -10 Celsius. That's like 10 degrees Fahrenheit, so when people ask you how cold it is in Norway, you can tell em it's so cold. But I love it. It's the only thing I asked for on a mission, to not have to wear short sleeve white shirts. I feel like God was like "ooh, you are going to get more than you bargained for." But it's fun.

So our fire alarm in our place was going off because it's broken and stuff so we decided to throw it in a bucket of water to kill it and we forgot about it and left it outside. Totally forgot it gets like -10000 at night and now we are left with a fire alarm that is frozen solid in a block of ice. Kinda cool (pun)

Along with the cold theme of the email - my clothes froze! So we do wash very often and we are one of the few apartments in the mission with a dryer. But good thing about Norway is that the dryers are bad. And of course, because I hate when my clothes shrink, I hang them up. Because we have no room in our apartment, I left them outside to dry. Again, I forgot the cold and my clothes froze. Coming to the morning where I am out of clean clothes and I try to put the ones outside on, and they are FROZEN. Like Elsa basically in the flesh.

Things are good and the investigators are good. The work is slowly dying because of the Christmas and holiday season but we are working on it. I tried to forward you a pic of me talking to a Norwegian woman. It's my bread and butter.

Elder Skoien will actually be leaving us on Friday, which will alleviate some space issues in the apartment but it is going to be sad to see the legend go. He is actually going to be an AP (*assistant to the mission president), just to show you how legend he is.

Love you guys.

My pants are fixed and hemmed so I am ready for action.

Eldste Hoopes

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