Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

We had a kusli thanksgiving. It was pretty nice and I got to eat a ton of food so that's always good. Life is pretty good here, but weird not having Elder Skoien, especially since he was the master teacher. So now we are just left to the power duo with me and Elder Daly. We are doing great though. We gutted the apartment on Friday and found some stuff that had been in that apartment since the 70's. 

For Thanksgiving we met this guy named Brian who is from America and President told us to go help him. Turns out he was having some physical ailments and went to the doctor and they gave him a bunch of Norwegian stuff. He called his mom and his mom called their lawyer who happened to be Mormon. He called Pres and we got the call that Tuesday morning. We went over to the Raddisson and helped him get the right appointments and stuff because they were all in Norwegian. We then went to a burger place and departed ways. We invited him to Thanksgiving and then he came over!! He was way cool and so thankful for our help. Kind of funny because we will respond faster to any call than anyone else. As long as it's from 6:30am to 10:30 pm. A minute after that and you're out of luck.

So thankful for you guys. Really when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter if you're a rich man or a poor man as long as you have your family you're essentially loaded. 

That's about it besides having a beautiful clean apartment and the magical Christmas wonders of Norway happening here. Wow, am├Ązing. I hope I stay for another transfer, but we will see. There's a good chance but with a mission of only 84 missionaries you never know.

I also ripped my pants twice more. i don't even know how but, yeah, it's a thing. So we were about to hit up a ferry to take it to a member's home for some din din but the sisters wanted to take pictures on the beautiful pier. And I'm like "well hey I'm beautiful so we should take pictures." So we're taking pictures and I think it's a good idea to pick up my companion so I squat down to get him and as soon as I do that I hear a huge kshshshshsh or whatever sound pants make as they rip. The rip was huge! All the way. The sisters were dying laughing. So then I had to wear Sister J's very girly jacket for the rest of the night, but hey! There's a girl in the ward who sews my pants on the daily. 

If people ever ask about me, just say I'm doing great, a little cold, a little tired, and not a bit bored because only boring people are bored. Ha ha.

Love ya,
Eldste Hoopes

The last legendary trio pic

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

3:00 p.m. and the sun has set!

The missionaries in the Oslo area (Jackson is bottom row far left)

So basically it's so cold but I'm staying warm because I've got my nice peacoat which is holding me over for now. I'll be sure to buy something better when it gets a little colder. Usually it's around -5 to -7 Celsius on a regular basis but yesterday morning on the way to church it was -10 Celsius. That's like 10 degrees Fahrenheit, so when people ask you how cold it is in Norway, you can tell em it's so cold. But I love it. It's the only thing I asked for on a mission, to not have to wear short sleeve white shirts. I feel like God was like "ooh, you are going to get more than you bargained for." But it's fun.

So our fire alarm in our place was going off because it's broken and stuff so we decided to throw it in a bucket of water to kill it and we forgot about it and left it outside. Totally forgot it gets like -10000 at night and now we are left with a fire alarm that is frozen solid in a block of ice. Kinda cool (pun)

Along with the cold theme of the email - my clothes froze! So we do wash very often and we are one of the few apartments in the mission with a dryer. But good thing about Norway is that the dryers are bad. And of course, because I hate when my clothes shrink, I hang them up. Because we have no room in our apartment, I left them outside to dry. Again, I forgot the cold and my clothes froze. Coming to the morning where I am out of clean clothes and I try to put the ones outside on, and they are FROZEN. Like Elsa basically in the flesh.

Things are good and the investigators are good. The work is slowly dying because of the Christmas and holiday season but we are working on it. I tried to forward you a pic of me talking to a Norwegian woman. It's my bread and butter.

Elder Skoien will actually be leaving us on Friday, which will alleviate some space issues in the apartment but it is going to be sad to see the legend go. He is actually going to be an AP (*assistant to the mission president), just to show you how legend he is.

Love you guys.

My pants are fixed and hemmed so I am ready for action.

Eldste Hoopes

Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

With Elder Daly talking to people in Oslo about Family History

So not too much happened this week except for that it got cold. It's snowing right now so that's interesting. We were at the street stand and basically got killed. No one would listen to me but then my main man Elder Daly stopped a starter pack of like 10 girls. They just kept coming out of the make up store! Wow what a great example he is. 

Also, There's a sister here named Sister Johannessen but no one can actually say her name properly so we call her Sister J or just J, but it's a little weird because my family calls me J too, so I think they're talking to me but no they're talking to her. But she made me draw a picture of Ronald Reagan, and I had a good time so I wrote a poem. 


It was an incredible poem, probably some of my best work actually!! We also had service with our favorite sisters. We had to scrub gross candy off the floor then we ate pizza. Yum. I love missionary life!!! Also we talked to a million and twelve people. That means every single Muslim man and Norwegian girl has had the opportunity to hear the message of the restored gospel. #thiseldersonfiiiire (that's from Sister Johannessen)

So basically that was our week, it is cold but Elder Daly and I have so much energy that we kind of just bounce off walls and talk to everyone and just laugh the whole time. 

A Norwegian starter pack is a girl who wears white sneakers, black pants, big puffy fur coats, a big nest scarf, and iPhone headphones and blonde hair. 

I heard about Paris which is kind of scary. Good thing Norway is so neutral but then again... Whatever, though, just spreading the gospel. Our two main investigators are doing good and we got some more investigators this week. 

Basically we have a powerhouse trio which lights up the mission numbers, lol #selfhype

Just another week and more things happening. Being constantly tired is kind of just becoming a norm.

Love you guys,

The Oslo District talking to people about Family History

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

The chocolate factory was so cool a couple of weeks ago!!! I ate so much chocolate and it tasted so good. Life is good here except the sun doesn't rise until 9am and even when it does it's super cloudy and stuff so you can barely see it anyways. The sun sets here around 4, so it's basically dark before then. And it's rainy. Norwegians have been dealing with this their whole lives but for us American folk it's a little tough.

Having three of us is so sick tho!!! Only thing though is our apartment is built for one so it's a little crammed having three people and all of our stuff in there at once, but we make due. Right now I have ripped my various sets of pants a total of 4, count em 4 times. I don't know maybe I was just born to move. One of them was just wear and tear, the other trying to climb a ladder and my pants got shredded, the other was showing some kids my soccer moves, but that's just life. I feel like that's just how it goes.

Our investigator is doing good, we are praying he gets baptized before our next transfer. All our other investigators are doing good.

I know all you know, but my advice is to save money!!! If you remember Joseph, it was 7 years of prosperity and 7 years of famine. Not saying a famine is going to happen but the world is a circle and everything is a rotation so just be ready. My words of wisdom for the week.

Love you guys so much and hope everything is great at home!

With Elder Daly and Elder Skoien

Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

We don't have so much time!! Sorry we had a full day.

Our new companion is Elder Daly, from Livermore CA/ Idaho and he's awesome. He went to BYU for summer and fall.

Also got a haircut and it's way toooooooo short, whoops, might need to shave the head.

Love you guys and hope you have a great week :)